Friday, June 6, 2014

Palm Play Wunder Under Crops, Salutation to Savasana Dress and More

The new Palm Play Fullux (full on luxtreme) Wunder Under Crops. (Thanks to Ms. A. for the photo.) I really like these. I know I can't pull them off but I like them a lot.

New Print Wunder Under color combo (thanks to Ms. R. for the photo).  

Nice close ups of the new Retro Camo/Black Yoga Overskirt. (Thanks to Ms. A. & Ms. E. for the photos.)

Bruised Berry Seamlessly Covered Tank and Wee Space Print Inspire Crops

Flowabunga Multi Print Alight Bra

The Burlap and Flowabunga print Rolling with my Omies Pant.

Salutation to Savasana Dress

The latest Speeds in Spray Dye, Bruised Berry, and Flowabunga.

More OK Hi Shorts photos.


Anonymous said...

That palm print reminds me a LOT of Betsey Johnson's blooming rose stripe print.

Anonymous said...

If Lululemon keeps coming out with these misshapen, fugly clothes in terrible floral prints, my wallet is safe! Uggh!!! Come on!

stylistadiva said...

The OK Hi shorts are terrible. Though these ladies can pull it off, You can't have ANY blip or roll anywhere. I tried them on and for me, if the waist were rolled down so it was mid/low, they would be fine. High-rise was laughable. I really want the Still shorts now that I can't find in Canadian stores & they've disappeared online.

caitlin said...

I LOVE the Ok Hi shorts in that last photo. I really hope I can catch those in the next upload. What colour are those ones? So pretty

Nkechi said...

Hey Caitlin! That's me in the last photo and that color is a heather grey (silver). The shorts come in black (got those too!) and a purple, called cadet blue.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:09 pm you are SO right about that!! I was trying so hard to recall what they remind me of and YES, totally late 1990's Betsy Johnson!! What's old is now cool again, I guess?

Anonymous said...

I tried on the palm play WUC in my local store today in my normal lulu size and they were tight--I went in with the purpose of purchasing them, but after trying them on I noticed that they where whiter in the knees and bottom when I moved around despite being fullux (similar to the palm print running crops) giving them a really polyester-y look despite being able to cover my bright green undergarments. I ended up not buying them--I think they would have been cuter in the luon denim like the whamo camo.

Anonymous said...

Nkechi - you styled your outfit beautifully!

Anonymous said...

What person is model thin who can pull off these half ass shirts/sweaters/tank tops and these fugly high waisted shorts????


RDouglas said...

Totally off topic...but does anyone know when a RED will be coming out? I've missed it the last two seasons, bc I didn't really care. But I need it for teaching my Body Pump class!

Anonymous said...

Jailbird stripes, plastered with flowers?

Anonymous said...

@ 5:53 AM, I don't think there's any intel on a new red coming out. Don't believe it has been seen even in quilted waistbands or banner photos or the like. The only red seen recently is the Flowabunga print.

A new red would be great, one which is NOT love red or any orangey red. I would love a cranberry red! Sorry to be a broken record on this. You know I am if you read this blog regularly :)

If I say it enough it'll happen? Like getting the solid Bordeaux Drama CRB :)

Anonymous said...

I just tried on the palm print crops and I have thin legs and they are rather unflattering on. And I love a good bold print. The print itself is very cute but somehow does not translate great to legs. I didn't feel heavy but I felt that pretty much any of my other pants were more slimming.

Anonymous said...

ncheki you look great in that outfit. you make those shorts appealing.