Sunday, June 1, 2014

NEW! Seamlessly Plunge Bra

New bra called the Seamlessly Plunge bra. Shown with the Seamlessly Street Crop.


Anonymous said...

I don't have a thing in Bruised Berry and I think I'm really beginning to like it. I may get the Street Crops and perhaps a top in that color.

Anonymous said...

the bra reminds me of that street one last year that came in gorgeous angel wing. Need more angel wing under my light colored tanks.

If anyone is interested I found the bruised berry wunder under roll crops sheer; could see my underwear in a squat.

Anonymous said...

tried on the seamlessly street crop and... i have to say i was really disappointed in the compression. i felt like every inch of my body was not held together in the crops and it made my rear look HORRIBLE! i did a side by side comparison with the WUC and found WUC to be much more compressed and held my rear nicely with a lift. i'm going to pass on the seamlessly street crops.

also, you can tell the seamlessly street crops don't fit as nicely even with all the product photos of all the educators modeling them. it's not flattering.