Friday, June 6, 2014

New Britt's Picks

Thanks to a reader who pointed out the latest Britt's Picks are up. I am very tempted by the Heathered Bruised Berry Swiftlys.


Anonymous said...

Definitely like the heathered bruised berry.

Anonymous said...

i tried on and bought the inner heart bra in bruised berry today - it's not my usual type of color (too much in the direction of royal blue, and i hate those bright colors with black) but it's a really nice bra. i got my TTS 8 (I am a 6 in some tops but usually end up with 8) and it's actually a little tight, but the first lulu bra in a while that feels like it will be good for running. it has an extra sort of crossover layer on the inside front, which is where the cups go, then the straight across outer layer. i guess it's so the girls won't be squished together. i think the other color was whamo camo?

was also surprised i liked the water bound singlet - i can't remember if people have been sizing up or not. i tried the striped one in a 6 and liked it, but even liked the aquamarine in an 8 (it was flowy but in a good way - i usually don't go for the flowy look). now trying to decide if i should order the flowabunga one in a 6 or an 8... (they didn't have it in store).

love the WAFS neon pink - got a flyaway tamer which was all they had. i'd maybe consider a flow Y or a power Y in that print.

they had the post-savasana jackets (which are still hanging in on WMTM) for $44!!! i was so ready to get one but the one they had in a 6 (in the olive) was SO messed up - pockets asymmetric, some snags - that i couldn't do it.

happy sunshine sweat, y'all!

sisi80 said...

I have to ask because I feel like with all the Lulu I have, I should know, but what the heck is a "Britt Pick" and where does it come from? All I know is that I do enjoy seeing them!

Anonymous said...

I am very excited for Bruised Berry! I'm a fairly new addict so this is the first time it's been out and I definitely want either the run inspire crops or a CRB in it. That heathered swiftly is beautiful too!

Anonymous said...

Britt picks come from hey works for LLL and picks her favorite items each week and it's a preview of what's coming up.