Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More of the Latest

The Get It On Dress Used as a tunic. Also, the black Get It On Blouse is shown.

Get It On Blouse, Top, Shorts, and Pant.

Get It On Pant.

Vita Loca tank and white Studio Crop.

Bali Breeze Power Y and Flowabunga Multi Omies Pant

More Vita Loca Tank and Rolling with my Omies pants, yawn.

Chai Time Pullover and Mesh High Times Crops.


caitlin said...

Ugh I caved and ordered the Ok Hi shorts after seeing some of the pictures on this blog. I just hope they don't look super frumpy on me. The get it on pants are looking tempting too, but I'm hoping I can find them in store tomorrow for a try on since tailored pants are always a mess in sizing for me (I have a small waist and large hips, it's a problem).

Anonymous said...

I see they still didn't make the sleeves on the chai sweater big enough for anybody that's over 14!

Anonymous said...

Woah, so much fug in this post. High waisted, drop crotch, baggy dump butts, old lady neon florals, FUPA pleats, please make it stop!!!!

(Not you, LLA or the GEs posing - directed towards the designers).

Unknown said...

I don't understand where the design team is going with this! Straight to WMTM

Chezhire71 said...

Love Chai Time. Seems the sleeves were meant to be fitted so as to show off one's muscles. Can't wait to try this one on.

Our Daily Lemon said...

Man, I cannot handle this collection! It's everything I dont look for in clothing. Wallet is safe.

Anonymous said...

Get it on pants grandma fashion lol! No thanks but vita loca tank looks super cute

Susan said...

OT - are we ever going to see the blue tropics wuc in store???

Anonymous said...

Great! Just what I wanted this summer, a shapeless burlap sack dress and matching burlap sack pants! COME ON!

Anonymous said...

OT- does anyone know if black and camo colour yoga over skirt was uploaded on Monday? Or does it sell only at store? I am debating myself if I should pay stupid ebay price for it or not...TIA!

Jiji said...

Nothing appeals to me. Looks great on the pictures but all these cropped tops and high waisted pants with pleats don't flatter my body type.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that the Flowabunga Multi used in the Shanti Surf short (here's a link) has been softened for other product (the bra, speed shorts and my Omies pants)? It looks like it was slightly recolored and made less intense. The brighter green seems to be gone...more turquoise. Am I crazy?


Emily said...

It's probably good I find the whole &go line horrible bc I'm not tempted to buy anything. But seriously! And I love the flowabunga print but NOT on those pants. LLL really missed the mark on this!

Anonymous said...

At anon9.13pm
Omg, you are so right! That might explain why I love my shanti surf short so much, but not any new items in this color!

Anonymous said...

VANCOUVER - The founder of Lululemon yoga wear wants a shakeup among board members at the company he founded.

Chip Wilson voted against the re-election of two board members, saying a change is needed to increase shareholder value.

Lululemon Athletics Inc. (Nasdaq: LULU) holds its annual shareholder meeting today in Vancouver.

The company has had to deal with the fallout from a style of yoga pants that had fabric which was sometimes see-through and a drop in its stock price.

Wilson says he voted against the re-election of former Starbucks executive Michael Casey and RoAnn Costin, president of a private U.S. equity company, adding the company's board is weighted towards short-term results at the expense of product, brand and long-term corporate goals.

He says his vote against the two directors sends a signal to the financial community that Lululemon must address the board member issue if the company is to recover.

Wilson founded the company in 1998, is a board member and holds a 27 per cent stake in the company.

He recently stepped down as chairman.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:41 am - interesting and I like the attitude about long term vs. short term. The short term attitude is what got them into the trouble they're in now.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the lift and separete in the bruised berry color and the water bound crops with the blue tropics waistband. I also went to my local Union Square NYC lulu and checked out the water bound crop and I think they are really going to be great for running and sailing as well as swimming.
I ran 4 miles yesterday in the heat with my inner heart bra (natural 34DD)wore the size 6 and nothing bounced, no chaffing and I was sweating like crazy and didn't feel yucky at all in this bra.
The bra feels really snug before it is washed, but it gives a tiny bit after washing.


Anonymous said...

well good hopefully they can get back on track bc this stuff is so fuggly i can't believe anyone would wear it like these gals pictured..... how sad.... they think it looks good? seriously there are a lot of people w/ no style sense period..... Lulu needs to get rid of some of their designers and go back to tried and true designs till they can get someone they had or new talent that is truly talented the stuff they come out w/ alot of the time is rediculous!!!!

Anonymous said...

To the question of camo black yoga over- not uploaded yet on either sites. Maybe on Monday? Personally, I own 3 yoga over and love them, but I don't need yet another no contrast stripe skirt. Please, don't pay ebay inflated price- don't support them!

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to get over how much they hate the designs. If it's not for you, so what. The following week something new will be out that could be for you.
If you haven't been liking the new designs week over week, then maybe it's time to get over how it used to be and accept change. Everything changes.

On another note. You're pants become too sheer when you purchase the wrong size. That's what Chip Wilson was trying to communicate last year. Yes, his message did come across incorrectly. He apologized for that. EVERYONE makes mistakes. Think of the last big mistake you made and how sorry you must have felt. You probably didn't get forgiven my everyone either. Now imagine that in front of the world. Honestly.
As a former employee, I saw it every single day, women buy pant sizes too small for their size and frame because their minds are hung up on buying a size smaller that they can squeeze into verses a size that actually fits them, but makes them feel horrible because of the larger size number.

Companies are here to serve a product, not make you feel better about your head case issues. If you don't like the collection. don't buy it. If you don't like how the pants are too "sheer" then buy a size up. Fabric no matter how stretchy has its limits.
No company and no one owes you anything. So remember that when slandering instead of working on whats actually going on inside yourselves.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 1:53 am - So you are thinking that lululemon product mix made a permanent change and it's not just supply chain issues that are causing the lack of a cohesive collection? Even Tara Poseley commented that their "stories" could be better in the last conference call. It seems weird they would abandon what made the brand in the first place - gym (yoga/dance) and run stuff.

As for people buying too tight pants, I agree. However, the fabric weave used to be a lot more forgiving of people sizing down and not being so sheer. I think the fullux and full on luon are a big improvement over the crap that was out in 2012-2013.

Lululemon does go through lulls in design but this summer seems rather lackluster. I'm crossing my fingers for a nice fall. I think we've seen hints of that with what Australia has been getting.