Monday, June 2, 2014

Inner Heart, Arise, Alight Bras, and Tranquility Sleeveless Wrap

Arise and Seamlessly Plunge Bra

Inner Heart, Arise Bra, and Alight Bra

Alight Bras

Arise Bras
More Arise Bras

Seamlessly Plunge Bras

Inner Heart Bra

More photos of the fug Tranquility Sleeveless Wrap.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for the pics! :)
Does anyone know if the insert padding for the arise bra is the Flow-Y bra kind?

stylista diva said...

Like the Arise bra & Seamlessly plunge bra, though the seamlessly looks a lot like the Ebb & flow bra which doesn't give much support. Will check them out in store. I didn't like the Tranquility sleeveless wrap much until these pictures. Still too pricey at $98 IMO.

Anonymous said...

off topic, i have a new with tags size 4 here to there dress, bought @ lululemon brooklyn - i love the dress, so well made, but it's just a bit too big for me.... it was 128.00 + tax, came to around 139.00 (i'll fish out the receipt from my files as well). if anyone wants it i would say for 155.00 to cover shipping and paypal fees, please leave your email and i will contact you. if not i may try listing on ebay or just keeping it, it's truly gorgeous, i just sort of hate keeping things i'm not using.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:21 am - I'm interested!! Please email me at


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to chime in given the many comments about the true color of Bruised Berry. I picked up the Bruised Berry roll-down WUC recently and in person believe they are very much a purple color not at all a blue color, although I've seen many pictures where they look absolutely blue. I wore them today with a Pretty Purple elevate tank I got on markdown at a local store and thought that it was a nice color combo.

I've also seen many comments indicating that these Bruised Berry roll-down WUC are sheer and that has NOT been my experience. In a deep bend can I see the slight outline of my underwear, yes, but I cannot tell what color my underwear are and therefore consider these as NOT sheer. This is my first-pair of roll-down WUC and I really like them, they are soft and very comfortable.

I also tried on the Dart and Dash short and while I love the fit and the function I'm a little stuck on the style of them as I'm not accustomed to wearing a compression-type short alone. So I can't decide if I am going to keep them.

I also got the Trikonasana Tee in the grey color and love it. The deep V in the back is great. I wore it with a normal bra and the straps are completely covered so you can get a very open back look if that's what you want. Or you can wear any of the LL bras with pretty straps and have them show. I thought this tee looked great with my Street to Studio pants in Soot with the front edge tucked into the waistband. I just hope it washes well.

And finally I was also very excited to see the Pace Rival skirt in cadet colorblock in a Tall. I've yet to find a LL skirt that fits my body shape well but I've never tried on the Tall versions in any of their skirts - not sure why. Last time in the store I tried on the Pace Rival in white in a Tall and I thought it was pretty good so hopefully the one I've ordered will be a keeper.

Anonymous said...

I'm not big on the Tranquility Sleeveless Wrap but I do like it better when it is worn "crossed" over at the neckline vs. just like a regular vest. Definitely don't see a functional need for a piece like this though.

Anonymous said...

Are those alight bras available in the US? I need the flowery coral one..bad, lol

Anonymous said..., i sent you an email. thx

Anonymous said...

Just got back from the store and tried both the arise & alight bras. both ran TTS for me and both were very cute. I may order the arise when it comes online but I did purchase the alight in the coral floral pattern (cant remember name) because i wanted to pick my pattern distribution (some had way more gray and i wanted some blue). the alight could easily pass for a swim top as well.

Anonymous said...

...and this sleeveless wrap thingy...whateverthisissupposedtobe object? should we wear that? what is it for? I am at loss

Anonymous said...

FYI--the new plunge bras have no inserts for cups--boo.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 3:30 - I'm pretty sure the plunge ones do have inserts! I tried it on today - loved the look on the front, wasn't sold on the back for me but it was really comfortable, I might like it for travel but not for actually working out. I am 99.99% confident it has a spot for inserts, at the top where the bra meets the strap if I remember correctly.

Anonymous said...

Nope, I checked and asked an educator who checked--no inserts in the plunge bra.

Anonymous said...

There are no inserts in the plunge bra but that material is really thick, I don't like that material at all. My take is that the lunge bra will fit well on people who are a natural C anyone larger will probably have issues with sagging as there isn't enough support. The bruised berry color is amazing.