Monday, June 9, 2014

Australian Heads Up

Australian got a bunch of new light rulu Tuck and Flow LS tops in. The top is shown above in Opal and Heathered Bruised Berry. It also comes in Black and Cadet Blue.

They also got a Bleached Coral Steep Stripe Cool Racerback.

The new Neon Pink Wee Space Forme was also uploaded to their website. I know this jacket is out in Canadian stores now but I don't think it's in the US yet. I wish the zippers were gray or pink and blended in a bit better.

Bruised Berry Studio Pants are in stores.

Mesh High Times crops.

Pretty Palm Wunder Under crops. Shown with the Tranquility SL Wrap and Inner Heart bra.


Anonymous said...

Oh man. There's probably 0% chance we'll get that bruised berry tuck n flow, but man would I LOVE THAT!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am now convinced that Opal is a lighter version of Bali Breeze.

Nothing in this section of photos appeals to me.

The girl a the end though, she looks great and really pulls off that outfit. I love her hair. It's a pretty color and the styling looks great.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what time todays upload will be pls?

Junie B said...

I cant justify buying anything long sleeve. Having just moved back to the gulf coast, long sleeves are reserved for maybe a couple weeks in Dec and Jan but DANG I LOVE THAT shirt in BB

Carrie | Gymwear Guru said...

I really like the Tuck & Flow. I might have to get those colors...especially the Opal! I have both colors of the Exhalation pullover and it is the same shape. Crew neck with a pleat in the back. I know some said it looked like backwards maternity shirt, but it was so pretty if you sized down!

As for the Formes....they are my jam. I have 8 of them and got rid of the ones before the Forme II *cuffins generation. While I do not like the silver piping/stitching on the Neon Pink WAFS, I do like the metal zippers. I have a few with the metal zippers and I think they look great. IMO, the plastic ones do blend in a little better but look a little cheap....especially in the solid color. My Angel Blue with a metal zipper looks more expensive than my Zing Pink Light one with a plastic...but that's my own opinion!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea when the upload will be today? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 9:41am
I have the opal tracker shorts & Bali Breeze nice asana jacket, scoop neck tank & bangbuster.
There is a significant difference between the 2 colors.
Opal is much lighter & a touch more green.

Anonymous said...

Is the Tuck & flow LS tts? Or a size down item. I missed out on these last time around. Think these will be on upload tonight? Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

I love my Tuck & Flow! And Opal is such a pretty colour. But that shirt looks like pajamas to me.

17:28 said...

Is anyone from Australia willing to be a lulu angel? I'm trying to get my hands on a size 4 striped movement jacket but it's currently only in Australia and New Zealand :(

Anonymous said...

pretty palm wu crop is absolutely gorgeous in person. these pictures do not do justice. they are also all sold out of small sizes in NY.
I wore mine for yoga this morning and definitely turned heads :)

LuluNZAngel said...

@17:28 flick me an email to we can arrange angel for you :-)

Anonymous said...

I bought the Pretty Palm WUC. The luxtreme fabric is so incredibly silky. Feels fabulous. Wish all prints in WUC were on this fabric.

However, it reminds me of a Kate Spade cosmetic case from years ago. I think it is a bit too garish for my taste. It will go back this week.

Curious what others think.