Monday, May 19, 2014

Water Bound Hoodie Photos

Water Bound Hoodie in Barely Pink with Water Bound crops.

Shown with the Water Bound bra and crops in Wamo Camo.

Shown with the Water Bound Crops and Singlet.

Shown with the Water Bound crops.
Water Bound crops also shown.

Shown with the Water Bound shorts.

Also shown in the Water Bound Bra, Singlet, and Crops.
Aquamarine Water Bound Singlet and crops also shown.

Water Bound hoodie photos in Barely Pink, Blue Tropics, and Black Burlap pattern. My store had these in so I'm hoping to try it on tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

the ladies in the pictures make all the clothes look fun. I am really loving the swim line.


Anonymous said...

The Black Burlap Water Bound hoodie is very tempting. I don't do water sports but I want it anyway, haha. I'll do my best to control myself.

As always, thanks LLA for all your hard work with all the updates and images!