Monday, May 19, 2014

Water Bound Bra, Short, and Crops

Blue Tropics/Aquamarine Water Bound Bra and crop.

Black Burlap Water Bound Bra.

Black Burlap Water Bound Bra and Apex Stripe Water Bound crops.
Water Bound bra, crop, and hoodie.
Water Bound bra, Singlet, and Short.
Photos of the new Water Bound bra.

Apex Stripe Water Bound Short and Water Bound Hoodie in Barely Pink.

Water Bound Crops Photos

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Anonymous said...

The Water Bound Bra looks nice.

I just ordered the Heathered Earl Grey CRB from the Canadian site. Thanks LLA for the heads up! It's 9:00 ET and all sizes are in stock. This morning it was sold out or maybe a bit of a misfire when they tried to upload it? Took me to the black CRB this morning when I clicked on HEG.

Only based on the pictures, but I think this one could be similar to the Angel Blue Heathered CRB from last year (or the year before). That's one of my favourite CRB's.

Update on the solid Bordeaux CRB at the Toronto Eaton Centre store: as of this evening they had about 5 left. Sizes 2, 4, and 6, as best I can recall.