Friday, May 2, 2014

Wamo Camo Go Lightly Bag and More

Tranquility Jacket with Peace of Mind Tank, Hot Spell Bra, and Wamo Camo Wunder Under Crops.

To Class Jacket, Hot Spell Bra, and Peace of Mind Tank.

Hot Spell Bra, Peace of Mind Tank, Wamo Camo Wunder Under Crops.

Wamo Camo Go Lightly Bag.

I think the color in this photo is more true to life than what we've previously seen. This print is pretty vibrant in person.

 New Barely Pink/Bleached Coral Vinyasa.


Anonymous said...

I think the wonder under print is real pretty! But it doesn't really provide camouflage though, unless you're hiding in a candy floss forest. LOL
I think so far, the best print was the Milky Way. Major regrets for missing out on that one.
Thanks for posting the pics, Lululemom Addict :)

Anonymous said...

Is peace of mind tank tts?

Karin said...

I'm interested to see this print in person and will stop by Lulu after my barre class this morning.

I love CRBs but I'm not big on patterned ones in general. I was thinking I would consider a bra in this pattern, but now that I think about it, I don't think it would look that great with any of my CRBs that I currently own.

Anonymous said...

That print looks like you got it from Justice. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

why dont they take the time or iron or steam these clothes before they take the pics? Seriously, they know these are going to go all over the internet and yet again there is the to class jacket with wrinkles all over the back :(

stylista diva said...

I tried the Wamo Camo WUC today. It was nicely opaque in my size down (I'm between sizes). I liked them, but not enough to purchase. I'm sure I would get tired of the print pretty quick. My store also had the Flow Y and CRB in the same print and the bang buster. I didn't really love the CRB in the print when I had it on. When it stretches, is does that white-blur thing. I tried the Peace of Mind tank too. It skims sides and hips (not overly loose fitting. If you're between sizes you could size down unless you're broader at the chest. Otherwise stay TTS as the hole at the back will pucker out.

Anonymous said...

The Peace of Mind tank looks good on this women. I otherwise think it is a disaster and really frumpy. It totally does not interest me.