Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Varsity Shorts

I am digging the retro vibe in this photo - Runner Up SS and Varsity shorts.

Same look, different woman. The shorts look snug in both these photos so I wonder if they run small.

Runner Up Tank, Dart and Dash Shorts, and Varsity Shorts

Varsity Short and Stuff Your Bra

Varsity Short and Salutation to Savasana Tee (I think).

 Varisty Short and Runner Up tank.


Anonymous said...

ugh, not digging that high-waisted and snug look.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know how the stuff your bra is fitting? TTS?

Anonymous said...

I like the retro look of the Varsity Short but agree, not into the high waist at all. The white looks great but I'd never buy it, too easy to get dirty. I'd get tired of the grey.

stylistadiva said...

I'm with Anon @ 3:57pm - the Varsity short would be better if it was a different material (like cotton/jersey and lower waisted). I am liking the Palm print in virtually ANY of the shorts. Hope my stores don't get them until Friday (payday) though...