Saturday, May 3, 2014

Today's Shopping Trip: Wamo Camo Haul & New Arrivals

I went on a Wamo Camo mission this morning - my hopes were to get WC Cool Racerbacks for myself, sister, and niece since we're planning to wear them for an upcoming race as our "team" uniform. My sister also wanted the WC Wunder Unders and then asked for a Flow Y, too, once I told her about it. I also got myself the Go Lightly bag in the print. I have a bunch of photos of the Go Lightly but I'll put that into a separate post.

Fabric content of the Wamo Camo CRB

"Hidden" Lulu Symbols
The Wamo Camo CRB is a polyester CRB with a silky feel. The print "fades" a bit when it's stretched, since it's backed by white, so if you are busty you might want to take your next size up in this CRB. The lulu geek in me is excited to see this print has tiny "hidden" lulu symbols in it. I thought the tank was decently thick, a bit thicker than Beachscape, IMO.

Fabric Content of the Flow Y

Fabric Content of the Wunder Under Crops - They are made in Canada!
Blue Tropics NLT

Silver Spoon/Bananarama NLT

White/Dune Groovy Stripe NLT
Three new No Limits tank colors have hit the stores - Blue Tropics/BT WAFS, Silver Spoon/ Pop Stripe Heathered Gray/ Banarama, and the White/Groovy Stripe Dune.

Spray Dye White Blue Tropic Tracker IIs

New Tracker II shorts in Spray Dye White Blue Tropic. 

Mini Groovy Stripe Dune Tracker IIs
Mini Groovy Stripe Dune Tracker IIs.

Groovy Stripe Dune Power Y

Stripe pattern close up
 New Power Y in Groovy Stripe Dune.

Sea Bed To Class Jacket

Collar detail

Covered buttons

Some close ups of the Sea Bed To Class Jacket.

Earl Gray Burlap To Class Jacket

Burlap print details

Pocket detail
A few photos of the Early Gray Burlap To Class Jacket. I can't say I was a fan of this at all. I thought the fit was a snug TTS. It's warm but rather bulky and I'd like it about 3" longer.

My store had the new Earl Gray Studio Pants which I loved but since it's a greenish gray it only really pops against a few colors (Barely Pink and Bleached Coral, of course) so I held off getting it - for now. However, it's a very different color and I keep thinking about them so I might go back and get them. I think I'd prefer the crop version, though, since it seems to be a summer color to me.


Lululemon Trend said...

The hidden symbols made love even more :) I got all the same as you plus bang busters had to buy 2 of everything or my sister too lol looked like a wamo camo lunatic! !

LuluAddict said...

I definitely want the Wamo Camo bangbuster but my store did not get them in yet.

Unknown said...

Where is the store you shop at??

LuluAddict said...

@Melissa - I have two I mainly shop at but today I went to the Newport Beach, CA store.

Laura said...

Did you think the groovy stripe power y looked a little faded/pilly? I saw it in store today and couldn't get past that. I also saw the to class jacket and was tempted to try it on, but given that it was 90 in la jolla today I really couldn't even consider trying such a bulky jacket. Seems like a weird time to release that product. I also had to return my every yogi tee since the seam twisted like everyone else's. I'm a bit bummed about that.

LuluAddict said...

@Laura - not faded but did seem to be a bit sueded looking. It was one of those super soft luons, like that fat Silver Spoon stripe that was out a couple of year ago.

Which Every Yogi twisted on you? I am dying to get a new Every Yogi but the colors have been so boring. I'd really love it if they came out with print Every Yogis like they used to. Also, I have read that putting these twisted tops on hot in the dryer straightens them out.

Laura said...

My every yogi was heathered black from a couple months ago. The first time I washed it, it twisted before I dried it and like you said, the dryer straightened it. The second time I air dried it and no such luck. I just feel like $58 is a lot for that quality.. It is super comfy and flattering, unfortunately. I almost kept it.

stylista diva said...

Now I see your haul and I'm almost regretting not picking up the Wamo camo bang buster and WUC. LOL! (My store didn't get the bag). Though I'm wondering if I truly want them, or just want them because (almost) everyone else does...

J in TO said...

I tried what I thought was earl grey dsps, but when I looked at the tag the code was DESH - which didn't seem like a code for earl grey. I compared them to the earl grey dsj, also in the store, and the code on the jacket tag was "earl". The pants were a deeper colour, maybe more of a grey-blue, but with the same foggy green hue that earl grey has. After searching in the back, one of the eds said they are called deep shore.

LuluAddict said...

@J in TO - ooh! Thanks. That makes sense. I forgot to photo the tag of the DSPs I tried on but I vaguely remember letters like that on the greenish To Class jacket.