Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ta Ta Topper, Run A Marathon Crops, Runner Up Tank, and More

The new Ta Ta Toppers. Shown with Run a Marathon crops and Pretty Palm Speed Shorts.

Run A Marathon Crop Photos.

Shown with the Bleached Coral Spray Dye Pace Setter Skirt.
Aquamarine Runner Up Tank and Bleached Coral Tracker II shorts.

Runner Up Tank photos.

Runner Up Tee

Stuff Your Bra


Anonymous said...

Has anyone received shipping confirmation from yesterday's upload? Is it just me or has the shipping been slower since the upload time moved?

Dewa said...

I'd love some feedback on the run a marathon crops! I'm doing a half next month (Seattle rock & roll) and wondered about wearing them for it. How do they perform? Are all the pockets actually functional? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dewa, I have two pairs of the older Run A Marathon Crop. I have worn them for cooler weather halfs and full marathons. (When it gets warmer, I hate wearing pants, prefer skirts or shorts).

The older ones have great compression, and the pockets are completely functional. I put my ID, health insurance card, $20, and AAA card in a snack sized zip lock Baggie and put that and my car key in the back zipper pocket, never to be opened til I'm done! I put my iPod shuffle in the front right gel pocket. 5 Gu's in the remaining 3 pockets. In one of the leg pockets, I stash some Gu Chomps.

If it's a hot, sweaty race, I wear the a Run A Marathon skirt, which also has 7 pockets. I put electrolyte capsules (Endurolytes or Sport Legs) in a tiny zip lock Baggie and put those in the front gel pocket and put the gu(s) I would normally put there in a leg pocket.

I am tempted to buy the new cadet crops, though the legs looked kind of sheer online. (On vaca now, hope they are still at my store when I get home on Sunday).

I hope this helps. I have even worn these crops with CEP compression calf sleeves for cold weather marathons. My legs are short, so they look like tights! Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

why so many pix of those aweful tops w/ dumb messages on them? those are horrible really horrible!!!

LuluAddict said...

Lol, the latest items to be released always gets a lot of photos in the first few days.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the runner up tanks at all. Kind of cheesy in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

It's beyond me why I should wear words on my chest or back, but whatever...I'm sure they will appeal to some people. Those Pretty Palm crops look really great. Too bad I'm not into running. I wish Lulu would come out with longer crops and the same mesh in the back. I find that I'm really happy to work out in well-ventilated crops in the gym, summer or winter.

Anonymous said...

I'm not entirely put off by shirts with words on them BUT I am having a hard time figuring out why anyone would wear a shirt saying 'runner up'? LOL - Winner - yes - runner up - no thanks!

Anonymous said...

Tees with words are very popular with a lot of people.