Thursday, May 8, 2014

Secret Garden Tracker IIs, Post Power Crops, and More

Secret Garden and Clear Mint Tracker IIs. Shown with the Heathered Vintage Pink Swiftly and Heathered Blue Tropics Swiftly.
Blue Tropic Swiftly with Secret Garden Tracker IIs

Heathered Blue Tropic Swiftly Tank with the Secret Garden Tracker II shorts.

Heathered Blue Tropics Swiftly SS with Clear Mint Tracker II shorts.

Bleached Coral Swiftly with Clear Mint Tracker IIs.
The latest Tracker II shorts in Secret Garden and Clear Mint. I am going to be on the hunt for the Secret Gardens this weekend.

Post Power Crops with an Iconic Wrap.

Photos of the Post Power Crops.

I am kind of digging the Burlap Wunder Unders here. Shown with the Wamo Camo CRB and To Class Jacket.

I know we're Wamo Camo'd out but also shown is a woman wearing the Aquamarine Rest Less tank with the new Soot Light Wunder Under crops. My Soot Lights come tomorrow.

Some nice photos of the Blue Tropics No Limit Tank.

Photos of the current Swiftly colors - Bleached Coral, Blue Tropics, Pipe Dream, Blue Tropics, Heathered Vintage Pink, and Clear Mint.


Anonymous said...

Do you think we will get After Asana pants in the burlap print in the U.S.?

LuluAddict said...

Good question. It's kind of hard to tell if the After Asanas are considered a 'winter' item. They are fairly light weight cotton pants. I would think it's coming but I wouldn't be surprised if it was not.

Anonymous said...

hate the black seams on the burlap wuc. why can't they get details like this right?? who wants a visible seam up their crotch & butt?? otherwise i would be interested in them.

Janae said...

Btw I received my bleached coral feathered swiftly in the mail today. Was really excited bc bleached coral is one of my favorite colors. Was very disappointed by how thin and cheap the material was. Quite far off from my older swiftlies

Anonymous said...

Anybody have any size reviews on the twist tee?

Anonymous said...

After all the different color pairings with secret garden, I think I like the blue tropics with it the best! These pictures of them together look nice.

Anonymous said...

Did LL ever release a swiftly racerback in clear mint in North America? Did I miss the upload? My local store is just a boutique in a yoga studio and doesn't get to much stock. I really love the colour but do not want a SS or LS.

Anonymous said...

All the ladies in the photos above are looking great. I am really digging the post power pants and yes the burlap WUC looks like it could be a fun pair for casual wear as well as a gym crop.


Anna said...

I ordered the Blue Tropics NLT a couple weeks ago and love it. The color is even more vibrant in person.

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for the Secret Garden Tracker shorts since they were uploaded to Hong Kong?? a few weeks ago. I have two other Tracker shorts and I love them! I need the longer inseam. I just bought a Blue Tropics SS swiftly and a swiftly racerback and they will go so nicely with the Secret Garden print! I also have at least 4 other CRBs that will
pair well with them. I'm very excited!

Jiji said...

Some reviews:
Hot spell bra: It's going back. I liked the color (gray/light mint) but it was hard getting into and taking it off. It's a size up fit for me since it was too compressed and uncomfortable on the chest/cups. It also showed some back fat between the horizontal straps. I'm a solid size 6 in tops/bras/built in bras. I took my regular size for the Ujjayi bra (34B cup) with much comfort wearing it all day for hot weather.

Wamo camo CRB: It wasn't as shiny as the black camo CRB. I like it and will keep pairing with black/gray bottoms. I think it's great pattern for summer. Fits true to size.

Go lightly bag in wamo camo print: It's so cute and I like the various zippers for different ways to open/access the bag. I like the versatility of the strap (shoulder/cross body/waist) as well. Overall a winner for me.

Hope this helps!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:31 am - I just got them today at my store. They are arriving in US stores now. They are the super soft 4-way stretch and run a tad larger (not the inner liner part but the outer shell part) and hang better than the typical 2-way stretch Tracker IIs.

LuluAddict said...

@ jiji - thanks!

There is a new Go Lightly bag in Secret Garden coming - see my latest post. I am gong to return the Wamo Camo Go Lightly bag I bought last week and order the SG one on Monday night.

Anonymous said...

@6:12am- they did release a clear mint racer back in north armerica. I bought one online in February, and it wasn't heathered. The new ones are heathered.

Anonymous said...

LLA can you post a review of the soot light WUC?! I was very interested but I haven't liked the way soot luxtreme fabric has looked on my legs which have minimal celeulite but it still shows every lump and bump. I'm wondering how the Luon is? Is it demin? Decent coverage? Thank you!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 11:09 am - I will. I got them yesterday but I can't get that great a look at the rear view in my home mirrors. I am planning to take them to the store to get a good look at the back view. From what I can see is that they seem to have good coverage. I didn't think I could see my underwear color through them. I need to ask my husband to take a look. ;-)