Thursday, May 8, 2014

Purples Comparison: Ultraviolet to Tender Violet, Raspberry, Violaceous, and More (2nd Update)

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Updated with a new photo. I realized after a reader comment that the older photo was taken with a previous phone that didn't have nearly as good a camera as my current one so here is a new photo. Shown above, from left to right going clockwise: Tender Violet CRB, Ultraviolet CRB, Potion Purple Define, Power Purple Deep V Tank, and a Raspberry Bangbuster in the center. I apologize that the photo is a bit blurry for some reason. I took a ton of them and still can't figure out why the blurriness is happening.

Another comparison - Ultraviolet CRB, Violaceous Dance Headband, and Raspberry/Black Dance Headband.

1- Potion Purple, 2- Power Purple, 3 - Ultraviolet, 4 - Tender Violet, 5 - Lolo Purple
This post is a bit of a cheat since I am going to refer you to an older post that has all the comparisons but since Ultraviolet is back I thought it's worth it to post the link. I got the Ultraviolet Cool Racerback and Forme Jacket I ordered on Monday. The CRB is TTS, decently soft, and opaque. The Forme is equally nice but since I already own a Potion Purple Define I don't think I 'need' to keep the Forme. I might think about it more, though, since it is very pretty. Ultraviolet looks super nice with Cadet Blue. I ended up taking the tags off the CRB today to wear with my Cadet Blue Still Pants.


Anonymous said...


nengel May 8, 2014 11:21 PM

Hey Everyone,
Thank you so much for all the great feedback. Feel like I have unintentionally started an old school east vs. west battle. To clear the air I would like to say that our intention was not to benefit or value one region over the other, but to find a time that works for everyone.

Based on this thread I can see that there are a lot of valid points on both sides. At this point we are going to continue with the current new product upload time for the next four weeks.

Please continue to provide feedback in the comments below. I love hearing all the great insights and ideas.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comparison! Really loving the richness of UV. Missed that the last time it was released.

OT: Does anyone know if the crop CRBs will be online at some point? Are they already in stores?

Anonymous said...

The picture doesn't render the colors well. In real life power purple (2) looks more like ultraviolet (3). and the lolo (5) in this picture looks more like pigment blue.
Nice comparison regardles.


Carrie | Gymwear Guru said...

I'm going to have to order an Ultra Violet's been one of my colors I have been waiting for. I'm also waiting for Pigment (grrr...US), Bruised Berry, Current, Menthol/Toothpaste. Totally bummed that they didn't realize a solid Deep Zinfandel or Cadet Blue.

Ivivva has toothpaste in some of their colors. If they come out with a solid Toothpaste Keep Ur Cool Racer, I'm definitely buying! :)

Jiji said...

Thanks for the photo comparison. I'm also waiting for more pigment blue items to show up in US, especially in Ebb to flow/street tank.

I have cadet blue bottoms and tend to match black, gray tops, but will try ultra violet.