Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pretty Palm Run Times Shorts, Stuff Your Bra, New Bring Back the Track Jacket, and More

Stuff Your Bra and Run Times Short

Black CRB and Run Times Short

Photos of the new Run Times short in the Black Pretty Palm Print. It looks cute in these photos so I'm glad I ordered it. Also shown in the above photo is the Rest Less Tank, Stuff Your Bra, 105F Singlet, and Cadet Blue Speed shorts.

I might be wrong but this looks like a Cadet Blue Runner Up SS. Shown with the Bleached Coral Tracker II shorts.

Stuff Your Bra in Wee Stripe White Silver Spoon. Also shown is a Barely Pink 105F and Cadet Blue Speed Shorts.

Aqumarine Ta Ta Topper and the Bleached Coral Tracker II shorts.

 New Bring Back the Track Jacket, shown in Ultraviolet. This was uploaded to the Australian site so not here yet.

The OM Scuba hoodie. This seems to be in Pop Up stores only as far as photos are concerned.

Dhanasurana crops and the Apex Stripe Vinyasa.

The web photo for the new Movement Hoodie.


Anonymous said...

I saw that Runner Up short sleeve today in my store - it's purple'ish - I don't think it would be cadet blue. Fab color! Can't believe I didn't look at the color on the tag but it is really nice. Almost convinced me to buy it but I have the tank coming so will see what I think of that before delving into the T.

Anonymous said...

I don't care for the color blocking look of the TaTa Topper that was uploaded to the US site last night (colorway "cool breeze/wee stripe bruised berry.") Color blocking always appears to dated to me faster than you can say "next season."

I LOVE this aquamarine one!
Where is this pic from LLA?
Sure hope this TaTa Topper gets uploaded to the US site soon!

Anonymous said...

the namaste hoodie was on markdown at my local outlet

Anonymous said...

I have the OM Scuba hoodie .......... and yes bought it at a Pop Up Store. Love, love it!

Purchased last week and have not seen or heard of it in any of the regular stores.

A bit of unique purchase for now b/c not many are able to get their hands on one.

Anonymous said...

All boring. Lululemon is going dowhill. There is so much inventory in store. It seems as though things are not flying off the shelves as they used to.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 12:50 pm - then it's probably Bruised Berry. I'll update the post - thanks!

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree w/ anon 1:23; w/ every hit they have there are 10 big misses! Too bad too who ever approves the misses needs to be fired imo!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't care for anything in this segment of photos. The Bring Back the Track Jacket is a miss...looks like a maternity jacket.

"Namaste OM" scuba is going to date itself quite quickly, despite how ancient the words are. Funny, I'm a hardcore yogi and I wouldn't be caught in that for a minute.

As for LLL going downill...would disagree. They've actually been redeeming themselves quite nicely with Laurent at he helm. The last 2, 2.5 years or so before whats her name (C. Day) moved on? Probably the worst "designs" ever approved and quality near non-existent.

Anonymous said...

I think the scarcity model is out. There are lots of everything in store. After buying Lulu for many years, I am no longer addicted. It seems as though the same colours and same styles are being repeated over and over. How many times do we need coral, aquamarine, etc. ??

Anonymous said...

@9:08p.m., lol, guess you'd like brown stuff then, huh?

Anonymous said...

anon 12:50 here again - it actually is heathered cadet blue - checked the tag today...doesn't interest me as much if it will show up blue when I get it home. I was loving it as purple but it will stay at the store if it's blue.

Anonymous said...

9:08 and 1:23 I really don't think that lulu is going down hill, at least not from what I read on this blog and also what I see in the stores here in NYC. The design are in at the moment, also I think that it seems like they repeat a lot of their color schemes, but us addicts who have been purchasing lulu for more than 4 years are the ones to notice that.
There are a lot of new people trying out the brand. It's pretty popular in NYC, I see it everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Anon 6:22 - I disagree. I love that Bring Back the Track Jacket. Love the style and the color. Hope it shows up in the states. Or is there an Aussie angel out there willing to ship one to the states????