Friday, May 16, 2014

More of the Latest

The new, lightweight striped Silver Spoon Vinyasa and Burlap Wunder Under Crops.

A few more photos of the Burlap Wunder Under crops. Shown with a light gray 105F Singlet and Cadet Groovy Stripe Energy bra.

The High Times Crops and new Vinyasa.


Anonymous said...

the woman in the last photo looks really good in the outfit, those pants really define her figure well.


Anonymous said...

Why do the burlaps look so yucky in photos? I have the Inspires and absolutely LOVE them, and they appear much darker. My hubby also likes the slicker feel to them (although I told him that that is indicative of lower quality). So, since he loved the texture and I loved the look, I kept them and am wearing them in this dreadful spring we are having. They do run hotter than my normal Luxtreme Inspires and other crops, though.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 12:38 pm - I think maybe because they have those lighter patches so gives people fake lumps. That is my theory, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Whenever at LLL stores, I use my husband's eyes (sometimes wandering...) to gauge whether what I'm trying on looks good or not. Burlap is a... NOT.

Not flattering, not sexy, not a material that wows him, and not a "oh, baby or yeah, baby" from his mouth.

He checks out my butt in the store, and once in a while we'll use the fitting room together... But, folks, burlap does not get a thumbs up (or anything else up for that matter).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

there was an educator at the Union Square NYC store last night that was wearing the burlap inspires and she looked great in them.
I think that in person that fabric looks a lot better.


Somkindawonderful said...

Does anyone have instructions on how to make the vinyasa scarf look like it does in the photo?