Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lots More Shanti Surf and Water Bound Swim Line Photos

Cross Back Top and Bikini Bottom.

Sport Top and Hipster Bottom in Bleached Coral.

Sport Top/Hipster Bottom

Some great photos showing the bathing suit pieces, including some great rear view shots that show how cheeky (or not) the bottoms are. Shown in this group are the Shanti Surf Sport Top in Bleached Coral Steep Stripe and Shanti Surf Hipster Bottoms in Bleached Coral Steep Stripe/Flowabunga Mini Multi. The other woman is wearing the Shanti Shurf Cross Back Top in Flowabunga Mini Multi Print with Black Shanti Surf Bikini bottoms.

Black Pretty Palm Shanti Cross Back Top and Hipster Bottom.

Shanti Black Pretty Palm/Steep Stripe Rash Guard and Bikini Bottom

Shanti Rash Guard in black Pretty Palm/Steep Stripe and Blue Tropics Shanti Bikini Bottom. Also shown is the new Wamo Camo Beach Breaker Bag.

Beach Breaker Bag and Burlap print Water Bound hoodie.

Blue Tropics Shanti Triangle Top and Pretty Palm Bikini Bottom.

The same couple but now she put on the Aquamarine Water Bound Singlet and Shanti Shorts over her suit.

Great series showing the Aquamarine Water Bound Singlet, Flowabunga Shanti Surf Triangle Top, and Shanti Surf Bleached Coral/Flowabunga shorts.

 Blue Tropics Shanti Sport top with the Flowabunga Shanti Shorts.

The Shanti Shorts on three different people. 

Aquamarine Water Bound Singlet and Pretty Palm Shanti Short

Wamo Camo Water Bound Bra and Crop

Great photo of the Water Bound crop

Water Bound Hoodie and Crop

 Black Water Bound Singlet, Burlap Hoodie, and Pretty Palm Shanti Short


Penny said...

I just don't think the Shanti Shorts look good on anyone that doesn't have washboard abs. They create a horrible muffin top. I keep looking at different pictures of girls wearing them because I really like the look of them. I'm just not sold. I definitely am not in the washboard ab category. Ugggggg

Anonymous said...

So happy that this line does nothing for me, so my credit card can catch a break. Don't get me wrong, the models all look great, but if I didn't know it was Lulu, I would just assume it was all Roxy.

Anonymous said...

I got the water bound bra and short, and I compared them to my last year's lulu swim suits. I definitely like this year's design better, especially they are supportive enough for both run and swim, probably cycling too, which makes them triathlon wear. I like the versatility of these swim wears. Material wise, I didn't see much improvement in terms of thickness or quality of the fabrics. I also compared this year's fabric with my Speedo two piece swimwear I bought maybe 2 years ago, speedo cannot be topped.

I am debating whether to return the shorts because it is very tight and the top of the waistband hit right where I have the fat pouch...

LuluAddict said...

Blogger LuluAddict said...
@ anon 2:34 pm - I swear the swim pieces seem more substantial feeling than in years past. I could be wrong but I seem to remember previous pieces feeling very lightweight. However, it could be because they were a lot more skimpy, like the Sport top and Triangle top, so just felt super lightweight.

I see the best sellers, the ones that are sold out in some sizes on the Canadian side of the website, are the Hipster bottom, the Water Bound bra, the Cross Back bra top, the Water Bound Short, and Shanti shorts - all items that give a little more coverage.

One comment I have read from many people who are less busty is that they wish the skimpier tops, like the triangle and sport top, came with bra pads to make the most of what they have.

I don't think lululemon can compete with Speedo but are aiming more for the people who are getting their suits from Athleta. I think they are getting closer with this latest release. Athleta has a huge breadth of selection and styles and lululemon really needs to step up their game for ladies with larger chests/people who don't want skimpy suits and those who would like a little more coverage in the rear. The Hipster bottom is a nice start and I am really glad to see lululemon offer a couple of styles to a 12.

Anonymous said...

Ot sort of:
How do Bali Breeze and Blue Tropics compare?
I LOVE Bali Breeze, and find that Blue Tropics looks like a combination of Surge & Bali Breeze (eg. Blue Tropics is a darker version of Bali Breeze).
Am I right?

Luli Designs said...

I just got my swim wear that I ordered on Monday and I am so disappointed there is no pocket for cups, except for the water bound bra. That is the only one that has pockets for cups and it will probably be the piece that I keep for actually swimming rather than beach wear. I like that the hipster bottoms have a drawcord which will be perfect for swimming too. All the other pieces willbe going back because of no cups.

Anonymous said...

@4:59 I think Bali is a little more green

Anonymous said...

hi LLA

thanks for your comments on bra cups in the swimwear. I am a 32B and really appreciate the cups, not so much for enhancement, but for dimming the headlights. Feeling frustrated these tops don't have cups.

Anonymous said...

I concur with Anon 8:15 a.m. Am light busted but need the cups so the headlights don't show. Also doesn't hurt if it can give me a little "more" than I have. Cups are s kind of a deal breaker and I don't get how LLL missed this.

I agree with you too LLA that I think they've done a good job in expanding the swimsuit style offerings.

Anonymous said...

I am really liking the swim line. I am thinking of getting the shanti surf cross back top. I spend a lot of time on the water so I will get some use of these pieces already ordered the water bound shorts and top.