Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Heathered Light Gray Forme Jacket and More

Photo of the Heathered Light Gray Forme Jacket. It doesn't look like much in this photo but I am loving mine. It has a bit of a sheen to it and looks so silvery. I particularly like it with Vintage Pink and Blue Tropics underneath.

Nice closeups of the Early Gray Studio Jacket. Also shown are the Roll Down Wunder Under crops.

Two more Earl Gray DSJ photos.

Same woman as above - Groovy Stripe Static Wave Dune Power Y with Roll Down Wunder Crops and Salutation to Savasana Tee on top.

The Burlap Wunder Under crops and Peace of Mind Tank.

Deep Shore Studio Pants and Iconic Wrap.

Photo of the Hot Spell bra under a 105F Singlet tank.

In the Flow crops, Salutation to Savasana tee, and the To Class Jacket.

Black Burlap To Class Jacket

Though I didn't care for the To Class Jacket when I tried it on this woman is really selling it to me. I love the way it looks on her.

Nice photo showing real life color of the Wamo Camo Cool Racerback. This print comes up washed out looking in so many of the photos.

Nice detail photos of the Hold Your Om and Go Lightly Bags.  I'm kind of hoping a Go Lightly bag shows up in this print:


Anonymous said...

just checked WMTM and there is a size 10 wunder under WAFS cashew for $69. Somebody should get these, they are my favorite pant of lulu in a lonnnggg time.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, wamo camo looks better washed out. I was frustrated it was sold out within 50 miles of where I live, but now looking at the real colors, I am not that attracted to it. Guess I can live without it.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone comment on the fit of the wamo camo WUC? I found a 4 today but normally take a 2 in all WUCs. It's doable right now but I'm afraid it may bag out over time. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

OT but Vintage Pink has unexpectedly become my favorite. It's such a sweet color. Awww. Love…

Anonymous said...

I'm really loving the earl grey and deep shore colors. Even though it is going to be summer soon and I'll want bright colors these are such pretty muted neutrals and not the typical easter egg pastels we've been seeing.

I agree that the to class jacket is a really nice piece - it looks especially nice in burlap in these pics. Looks like something I could throw on at work in the middle of summer when it's 100 degrees and humid outside but 65 in my office!

Anonymous said...

Do you think lululemon is going to be coming out with jewelry? I have been noticing pictures with the wrist highlighted with some pretty bracelets.

Anonymous said...

Help! I am going to do my first ever 10K this weekend. I live in Ontario and the weather on the race day is around 5 - 10 C in the morning. Very important, what should I wear? I am usually a cold person and hardly sweats. Can I run with short Swiftly underneath and a Forme over it? How do you gal dress for cold morning and hot during the race?


Anonymous said...

@ 10:29 PM- I would keep the tags on, but keep looking for a size 2, leave a note everywhere possible, I know some people might wanted a size 4 but bought 2 instead because size 2 was the last size got sold out. Good luck finding someone who is interested in exchange with yours!

Anonymous said...

@10:29 PM wamo camo wuc fits on the large side. you can definitely size down. I'm between 2/4 and bought a 4 in it cuz that's all my store had. It's not as tight as normal denim luon for sure.

Anonymous said...

Regarding fit of camo WUC, I tried them on in my regular size 4, they fit a bit snug at first but weren't sheer, and loosened up a lot just within the few minutes of wear. I would go with your regular WU size. I ended up not getting them because I personally think this is a "young" print, not teeny bopper but definitely for the under 40 bunch. Just my personal preference. I know there are ladies my age who could rock it though!

Anonymous said...

I like the picture of the wamo camo CRB that can definitely be worn with a lot of different colors.
I just received my lulu package got the elevate tank in the lullaby (love the color) the fit is nice and I think it will be a great top for the hotter running days.
I also got the pace queen tight in the full on luxtreme petite fleur,
At first I did not like that pattern, but in person the luxtreme is actually subtle. It wasn't so with the luon.

will take them on a run this eve.


Anonymous said...

@6:36 AM I'm doing SportingLife 10K this sunday if that's the same for you. It's my 4th (or 5th) and I promise you the large crowd (27000+) will warm you up. I will be in speed shorts and long sleeve swiftly. Have a good time!!

Anonymous said...

Anon@6:36, I run hot, so I always like to be underdressed at the start and start cold because I heat up. If it is below 40 degrees F, I wear pants. If it's above 40, I wear either shorter crops (like my Run a Marathon crops) or Speed shorts/cute skirt with compression calf sleeves, depending on things like windchill and precip, and what the weather is going to be like later in the race.

I always warm up before the race (1-2miles depending on 5k-10k, I don't warm up before a half or a full marathon, but it's great to hit the ground running for the shorter distances). I warmed up 1 1/2 miles for my 8k last weekend, and had a really good race despite having just run a marathon less than 2 weeks before. I think the longer warm up was key!

On top, I might wear a short sleeve Swiftly under a light jacket if it's windy or raining for anything in the 40's, and a sleeveless Swiftly with my old Lulu armwarmers with the integrated cuffin mitts that they sadly no longer make, if it's in the 50's. If it's in the 30's or below, I like using those Little Hotties disposable handwarmers. Sometimes, I will put them in my jacket pockets to warm my core. I discard at a water stop, if I don't need them during the run.

Depending on wind or rain, I might wear an earband (if windy). I wear a goretex baseball cap for rain, I also have a hat with a wicking sweatband for really sunny. I hate wearing hats so I tend not to wear them if it's a lighter rain, only for heavier rain or intense sun.

The thing with really rainy weather is even if I wear my goretex jacket to stay dry, I sweat more under it, so I weigh if the benefit of wearing it outweighs the benefit of sweating. Sometimes it does, and I'll wear a singlet under it. I always apply lube under my bra (I tend to chafe there) and anywhere else things could rub (like around my waist, if I'm carrying a pack, sometimes beneath armpits, where the fabric could rub if it's really hot out, and on my feet to prevent blisters if it is really hot or raining with a lot of standing water).

To stay warm at the start, I've used throw away clothes, and I've also worn a lawn and leaf bag with a hole cut out for my head. It looks silly but it will keep you warm and dry til the race starts. Also, depending on the size of the race, really large races with lots of people are warmer at the start.

Anyways, sorry to blather on! I hope you have a fun race! You did all the hard work, just trust your training and breathe! Do not start out too fast (so easy to do!). Sometimes it helps to make a new BFF and find someone to run with/pace off of, but always run your own race! If they speed up, don't feel obliged to go with them, if it will hurt you later. Just find another new BFF--or not! Enjoy and good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the WUC fit input, ladies!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of the whamo camo tank but would like to know before I order if there is the greeny earl grey color in it ?? or is it just a light grey? I cannot tell from the pictures and I want it to wear under an early grey DSJ.

Thank you in advance for the answer!

Anonymous said...

I ordered the Earl Gray dance studio jacket and just received it - its soft, stretchy, and comfy, but I'm wondering how these jackets hold up over time? This is my first dance studio, and I'd like it to look nice for as long as a $120+ jacket should! :) Thanks for any input! I hope more items are released in this gray, I looks great with other neutrals like soot light and heathered gray. I'll have to see what colors it works with - I'm thinking bleached coral and pretty purple. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I bought the Light Gray Forme jacket and love it! It fits TTS and it made of a lighter material than the regular forme jackets- Cadet Blue, WAFS Cadet Blue, Angel Blue, and Raspbery. I absolutely love it and think it'll be so versatile in the recent variations in weather!

Anonymous said...

@ 6:36 AM, good luck, have fund and all the best with your race! If it's Sporting Life 10K, I'll be in it.

(Sorry, longer than intended.)

Just don't wear long pants. It won't be that cold. Every runner is different. In our (Toronto) current Spring temps I am a "cold" person and have been wearing l/s where I'd normally think I could get away with a s/s. Sometimes I step outside in crops and s/s (my normal) and once outside, gauging the actual temp, I change my mind and go back in and change my shirt (very unusual for me but I know myself very well as a runner). In the summer I'm a speed short and CRB girl and I sweat like mad. In my running log all year round I track the temperature and what I wore and make notes if something didn't work (was I too warm, did I need gloves, hat etc.) Over time you get to know what works for you in many conditions.

Sunday it's looking like the temps will go from 12C to 14C from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. (I'll be done in this timeframe) and it will be sunny. It's not likely to be humid. Myself, I will be planning 2 outfits, one that is speed short and CRB based and/or a s/s swiftly and the other is crops (LLL run excel are my favourites of many that I have) and CRB and/or a light rulu l/s (forget what it's called, it's mellow lemon with a great zip pocket in the back. It also came in dune). I will not be wearing a jacket to run in. I may bring a discard/donate sweater or jacket that I will take off before the run. I have a "forme" type jacket from Gap that is in excellent condition but I no longer wear it (so why not donate/let it go, which is what they do with the discard stuff.)

I'm likely going to go with the crops and CRB or s/s swiftly. If it's too chill though (and given my tendency to feel cold lately), it'll be the rulu. I will be gauging the temp. in the morning before I go. I'll be up by 6 and decide by 7 what I'm wearing. I'm not that far from the race site so I can wait to decide and I won't have to wait around too long before the start.

As for other advice (if you care to read it, take it or leave it). I'm a hardcore runner and have run too many races to count. Other than some light stretching the morning of, I don't warm up before a 10K (i.e. I don't run a km or even 500 meters beforehand). I conserve my energy. This evening I did my last run (6K) and tomorrow morning is yoga. Saturday I'm having a Thai massage and it is otherwise a rest day. Since it is "just" 10K for me, sometimes I don't even take a rest day. I normally don't get a massage before a 10K but a Thai massage aids my performance.

Get a solid sleep, especially the Friday night, as you may have race nerves the Saturday night (doesn't really happen to me anymore). Hydrate well on Saturday, you don't want to tank up too much before a race.

Also, don't experiment with/try anything new for race day (no new food, drink, or clothes).

Happy running and have fun!

stylista diva said...

@Anon 12:07 You can totally pair the Earl Gray DSJ with the wamo camo tank. I tried them on together and they paired nicely.

Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies for your tips on what to wear to a race. I loved reading everything. I got really good tips from all of you. I will be in the Sporting Life. For those who will be there, have a great run.

And thanks LLA for this awesome blog. So informative and addictive.