Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fatigue and Blue Tropics Wee Are From Space Comparison and More

Wee Are From Space Blue Tropics Cool Racerback and Burlap Wunder Under Crops

A nice comparison of WAFS Blue Tropics to WAFS Fatigue Green. (Thanks to Ms. L. for the photo.)

White Be Present Pullover photos.

Aquamarine Groovy Stripe Energy bra and Cadet Static Groovy Stripe Boogie Shorts.

From Australia, Burlap Speed Tight and Blue Tropics Swiftly LS.

Needa Margarita Print Keep On Running Duffel

Details on the Salutation to Savasana long sleeve top.

Flowabunga Shanti Rash Guard.

Flowabunga Cross Back top and Shanti Short

The swim gear in action.


Anonymous said...

if anyone has tried Water board singlet please post if it's a size-down like Coastal tank. I ordered camo pink in my Coastal tank size (one down from CRB) but some reviews are saying it's tts.

Anonymous said...

All these swimsuit pics are motivating me to workout more, but are also a little bit depressing so I might have to stop clicking on those posts.

OT - Anyone else notice that there are CRBs in angel blue on the US site? Did I totally miss this little tidbit on Monday's upload? Anyway, I snatched one up today, been wanting one forever!

Jiji said...

Wow, these ladies are so fit! Want those abs... :-)

My WAFS BT CRB should be arriving today. Can't wait to wear it this weekend. Do you think they will upload the WAFS BT WUC next Monday?

Laura said...

Umm, does anyone really look like the girl in the Aquamarine Groovy Stripe Energy bra and Cadet Static Groovy Stripe Boogie Shorts photos? I mean, I wish I looked like that, but let's be realistic here, haha.

Anonymous said...

TTS..actually the educator told me to size up..but for small chesty me, sizing up just ended up with lot of fabric on my chest and seemed longer in the back for some reason

Anonymous said...

If you want it to fit like a CRB (no layering underneath) then it's size down. Stay tts if you want to wear it flowy like how's it's meant to be.

Anonymous said...

the girl in the first few photos is real Laura. She probably works her bumm off at the gym.

I think the latest set of photographs here are really motivating.


Anonymous said...

It's definitely realistic. I have a 20 month old and 8 pack abs. Simply takes some hard work, discipline and a healthy clean diet. Stop complaining or comparing, set goals and do something to achieve them.

Anonymous said...

So, got my flowery lil shorts in size 10. I am 6 in WUP, 8 in skirts, wear 8 or 10 in skorts. This is my first pair of shorts, lol. The flower color is awesome. As for the pink side, I am surprised nobody commenting on flowers being see thru the light pink side. I never was planning on wearing both sides anyways, so, am happy. I really love that the sides have some curved overlap and stretch to the fabric to accommodate any movements of my large thighs. Yes, they are very short as expected. So, if you are shy or not that adventurous, maybe they are not for you. There is no liner, but you can wear your underwear or bikini bottoms underneath. Maybe some people can get away without wearing anything underneath, but there is no soft lining there, so, not recommended.

The coverup dress in a print. Got a size 8, could've sized down, but it is designed to be loose, so, I am fine. Prepare your torso to be exposed. Great color. Not sure if worth the $$, but will keep as it is so etching different and should last long time.

The camo skirt. Got it in size 8, my normal skirt size. It is snug, but stretchy. As for soft the black one is really soft, but not the camo. Still, wouldn't want the black one as who really needs yet another classic black skirt? Anyhow, the color is subtle, but pretty. The cut is slimming and the length is just right. This's skirt makes me wonder if I could find similar skirt in other brands in the same fabric, but cheaper, would I still keep it?:)

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:37 pm - I didn't see the flowers on the other side - and they haven't shown up in the photos, really - but when I tried them on, in the solid colored sides in the blue tropics/stripes and bleached coral/flowabunga shorts I could see my tushy dimples so that is why I came home with the black/palm print.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 3:32 - you're mean!

Unknown said...

Blue Tropics WAFS CRB--I'm sold. Even though I'll only be able to wear it with black or grey, I just love the colors.

Anonymous said...

I size down on costal tank but I stayed my regular size on water board singlet. I just liked the way flows on my body in TTS .

Anonymous said...

Well, if you could see your " tushy dimples" , then I for sure would have seen mine if I was trying it on a solid pink side! Good excuse to only stick to flowery side:)

And, yeah, the transparent flower shadow is only evident in a bright light and when one fabric is tight against another. It is also subtle, thus photos won't show it.

I am so happy with the shorts though. We finally got some hot weather in Edmonton and I have been wearing them all day today ( in the yard so far), and they are so comfy! You should keep yours!

Anonymous said...

Re: waterboard singlet. It was tts for me. I found the unfinished hem very cheap looking.

Anonymous said...

water bound not water board


LuluAddict said...

Lol, I've typed waterboard a few times by accident.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:32 - Amen sister!

Getting a body like the girl in the photo is possible, however it takes dedication (healthy eating and exercise) to come true.

Owning Lulu clothes is a minor part of the equation ;)