Thursday, May 29, 2014

Comparison: Run Times Shorts vs. Groovy Runs, Tracker IIs, Track Attacks, and Shake and Break Shorts

Front sides of (clockwise, starting top left): Run Times, Groovy Runs, Tracker IIs, Shake and Break, Track Attack.
Back view of (clockwise, starting top left): Track Attack, Tracker IIs, Run Times, Shake and Break, and Groovy Runs.
The Pretty Palm Print Run Times shorts I ordered Monday arrived today and I made a few comparisons to the other run shorts I have in my collection. All are size 12s. I believe the Run Times are intended to be the successor to the Groovy Runs since they have a similar waistband style and both have three pockets.

Run Times on top of Groovy Runs - back views

Run Times on top of Groovy Runs - front views
As you can see, the Run Times line up nearly identical to the Groovy Runs. However, the inseam is a bit shorter - 4" to 4.5" - and the leg opening is a bit narrower - 25" to 25 3/4". The Run Times definitely have the most narrow leg opening of any of the shorts I compared it to. The waistband is equally comfortable to the Groovy Runs. I like the back view better than the Groovy Runs, but of the five styles shown above the Run Times and Groovy Runs are probably my favorite back views.

Tracker IIs on top of the Run Times - front sides

Tracker IIs on top of the Run Times - back sides

Run Times on top of Tracker IIs - front sides

Run Times on top of Tracker IIs - back sides
Tracker II and Run Times shorts both have the same inseam - 4" - but the Tracker IIs look a little longer in these photos. The waistband on the Run Times is definitely widers. The Tracker II has larger leg openings by 1 3/8" inches.

I made a chart comparing some measurements of the five types of shorts pictured plus some Speed short info. The leg opening numbers in parentheses are the measurements I made on my own shorts since I am not sure how lululemon measures the leg openings on the shorts.

All in all, I really like the new Run Times shorts. I think the fit is very similar to Groovy Runs except the leg opening is snugger. Groovy Runs are probably my favorite style of run short but I think I can live with the new Run Times. I want to caveat that I don't run in these shorts, they are walking shorts and casual wear for me.


Anonymous said...

I got my run times short today and I think it is a perfect mix between groovy shorts and turbo shorts. Seems like they took different features from each style and morphed them into these.! I like them a lot ! I hope they come with more colors and patterns! :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought my run time shorts today. I think they are the perfect blend of the turbo shorts, and the groovy run shorts.! I love them!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:27 pm - I missed the Turbo Run boat, what is the difference between them and the Groovy Runs?

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. Thank you for the thorough info! I'd also love to know the difference between the run times and speed shorts - other than the inseam, of course!

Anonymous said...

Duh.....I just saw the speed info on the chart! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

The Turbo runs were identical to speed shorts, but with a 4.5in inseam (2in longer) rather than 2.5in. Same venting; same seams; waistband/pockets.

Groovy's feel snugger to me in the leg than Turbos, which moved more easily.

Anonymous said...

The turbo run shorts were pretty much identical to the speed shorts but with a 4.5" inseam instead of the 2.5" speeds. I wish they would bring them back

Anonymous said...

i love my turbos but i had to size up because the rise was too short. love my groovies - so comfortable and love the length. now i think i like my tracker ii, but they are 2-way unlike all of the above. what i want to know is, LLA, where'd you get those trackers? what print is that? is it an earlier run of the shorts?

very tempted to try these run times but so don't need another pair of running shorts!

and when are they going to make block-it pockets the default? why do we only get black items with block-it pockets?

end of friday night ravings!

Jiji said...

LLA, thanks so much for the comparisons. I've started to pick up running and don't own any shorts. I was on the fence about ordering short, but wasn't sure which one to get. It sure helps to see a review prior to purchasing since I don't have a store near by to try on.

LuluAddict said...

The Tracker IIs and the Track Attacks are Sea Wheeze patterns. The zigzag is this year's Sea Wheeze short that you get with the entry fee. There are some on ebay now.

Anonymous said...

I will give them a shot, but i hate all of the seaming. i loved the cleanness of the Groovys.