Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Band Comparisons: Energy Bra to Shanti Surf Cross Back Top

A couple of readers commented in as to whether I found thought the band size on the Shanti Cross Back top might be too big since I sized up (from my regular Energy bra size) in it. Here are a couple of comparisons to Energy bras:

Size 10 Antidote Energy Bra (new Energy sizing) to Size 12 Shanti Surf Cross Back Top - pretty close.

Size 12 Zippy Green Energy Bra (old Energy sizing) under the Size 12 Shanti Surf Cross Back top.

So, no wonder the 12 Shanti Cross Back felt the best to me - it's pretty close to the size 10 Energy bra I normally take.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the comparison. How supportive is that top? I didn't get it because it might not work on a 34D size. Looks like it might pop out if you are active in it.


LuluAddict said...

@M - The top is only supportive in that the girls are nicely on display. However, I would not do anything active in it because I might pop out. The Water Bound bra is your best bet for keeping the girls secure during activity.