Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Australian Heads Up

Burlap Print After Asana Pant. It looks like these pants are now going up to a size 12. 

New Burlap Burnout Flip Your Dog LS in black and Silver Spoon. I really like these new colors.

Very pretty Earl Gray Flow To Om Bag

Pretty Earl Gray Pace Setter LS and Turn Around Jacket. I don't know if we'll get these items when our winter items start arriving. Last year, there were colors that Australia got in items that we never did. 


Anonymous said...

LOve love love that turn around jacket in earl gray!!!! Its mine mine mine mine..... missed out on those puppies 2x before and i will not this time around!!! I love that color too its beautiful and sofisticated!!!!!

stylista diva said...

I'm not holding my breath about North America actually getting this stuff. Mod moves still haven't really appeared anywhere (except 1 Canadian store apparently). I don't expect we'll see this until the fall if at all.

Lululemon Trend said...

i agree most the pigment blue stuff didnt come either i have been waiting for those damn mod moves in camo and of course my vancouver store was not the one that got them!!!ANGRY!!

Anonymous said...

yeah if we don't get that turnaround jacket as is in the earl gray i will be peeved beyond!!!! i will then boycott lulu ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Robyn, I am in australia. I have seen you asking about mod moves camo crop. I can pop into my store tomorrow if you like to have a look. Happy to check out any pb items you may like as well? Cheers J