Monday, April 21, 2014

NEW!! Ujjayi Bra, Secret Garden Energy Bra, and More

New Ujayyi Bra in Secret Garden and matching Embody crops.

Also shown is a Pipe Dream CRB and Embody crops.

Also shown are Astro Wunder Unders. 

More Ujjayi bra photos.

New Energy Bra in Secret Garden. If this is uploaded I might order it to wear under my 105F tanks.

Pretty Purple, shown with a No Limit Tank
Pipe Dream Blue/Clear Mint

Some Embody Crop photos.

Perfect Pace Visor

Mudra SS Sweatshirt.

Shown with Street to Studio Pants.

Cashew/White Stroll Stripe Cool racerback.

Secret Garden Nice Asana Jacket


Anonymous said...

So i tried on the Ujjayi bra today... heres my review:

You will probably need to size up! I usually wear a 4 in the bras and i definitely needed the 6 in this one!

The inserts do not fit well into the triangle shaped top so it makes them poke out weird, i would recommend wearing it without inserts.

Other than that it is SUPER COMFORTABLE and cute (:

LuluAddict said...


Anonymous said...

Passed on the upload must haves.

I did like the new soot inspire crop and the new Ujjayi crop. will check those out in the stores.

Anonymous said...

What is the navy crop on the blonde model wearing the Cashew/White Stroll Stripe Cool racerback?

Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

I tried on the mudra SS - not even sure why as I thought it was totally ugly BUT it's actually really cute on BUT as you can see in the pictures, the sleeves are a deal breaker (as usual with LLL). Way too tight and it looks even more silly on such a boxy shirt. I don't think I would even buy it on markdown, even though I liked it. If the sleeves had fit I might have actually paid full price for that one as it was super comfy and cute off the hanger!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6:46 AM This is the most confusing comment. You liked but didn't like it? Maybe trying sizing up if the sleeves don't fit?

Anonymous said...

she is right you should try a bigger size in the mudra shirt!

Anonymous said...

Am not a fan of this s/s mudra sweatshirt. I understand why it may appeal, but I would pass on this even if it went to markdown.