Monday, April 14, 2014

Lightened Up LS, New Free Reign Short Colors, and More

Shown with the Pace Rival Skirt

Lightened Up LS. Also shown are Pipe Dream Blue Free Reign Shorts.

New Free Reign Short colors in Secret Garden and Pipe Dream Blue. Also shown is the Ruched Scoop Neck LS in Pow Pink (can't say I really like this much. The ruching doesn't add much visually, imo, not sure about performance-wise).

More Ruched Scoop Neck Swiftly LS photos. Shown with the Pace Rival skirts  Also shown are the Lightened Up LS, Groovy Run Shorts, Pace Setter Skirt and Lightened Up Singlet.

Lightened Up Singlet Photos. Shown with Pace Crops and a Pace Setter Skirt.

Shown with Chase Me Crops

Shown with Pace Crops

Lightened Up SS, shown with the Pace Rival skirt, Pace Crops, and Chase Me Crops. 

Secret Garden Inspire Crops

Pace Rival Skirt and Lightened Up SS

Pace Rival and Pace Setter (center) skirts.

Pace Crops and Scoop Swiftly SS


Anonymous said...

Omg everything is so insanely ugly. I have bought 1 pair if shorts all YEAR.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, just when I was starting to love lulu again- what's coming out right now is all so sloppy, frumpy, and cheap looking- definitely not the 'chic', fashionable/put together workout gear that we know lulu can do.

I love how they've been telling us for years that silverescent should "fit snug in order to be the most technically effective", yet they add extra fabric/bulk with that ruching :)

lulu, if you're listening: would LOVE to see run crops in the double layer/full-on luxtreme (like the wunder unders). It's amazing- like the good ol' days- the wunder unders just fall down like crazy!

/end rant ;)

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:44 pm - I know. I think the B-team has done this latest bunch of designs. I am not liking any of it.

sb said...

Have you noticed that the Free to Be Bra is now tighter around the chest band. I got my order for the Pipe Dream Blue in size 6, my usual size for the last 3 years. I'm a 34B, size 4 in CRB but size up in bras and tanks with cups. The PDBL FTB is so much tighter it gave me bra fat and left a mark on my torso after 5 min of wearing. I tried on the Secret Garden FTB and it was tight as well. Now I have to go back and return the 2 bras and try size 8 to see if it fits better.

Also the FTB in Secret Garden is very polyester-ey. It gets whited out when stretched.

The Warrior Tanks are gorgeous and flattering. Bought 3 colors (Secret Garden, Black and Gray WAFS). No back fat, slimming, comfy and love love love the straps on the back. It's just a bit long for my taste. I don't like to have it cover my entire butt so it will be hemmed 1.5 inches.

Anonymous said...

Quick question...what time does the upload usually happen on Monday? Is it the same for the WMTM upload on Wed? thanks :)

stylista diva said...

While the US seemed to get an ish-load of new stuff uploaded tonight, Canada got squat (or they're late uploading!)

Anonymous said...

wee are from space black cashew CRB! Ordered it in size 4 with no problem :)

I don't like the secret garden print enough to order it in a CRB, also uploaded.

Anonymous said...

LLA how often do they do slub denim wunder unders?

Unknown said...

I can't stand the material lulu uses on these ls shirts because it's always so scratchy feeling when I have it on. It's come out in a few renditions including the current henly style on markdown in loot.

Just got the secret garden speeds since I was hoping for the pacesetter. Don't care for the rival skirt bc it flares out on me unless i size up 2 sizes.

Still contemplating the secret garden duffle, like I need another bag.

Anonymous said...

the secret garden material in the luon material is high poly content. I think that is the only way they can print that pattern, It's the same with the speed shorts except the swift 4 way material is not as scratchy as the luon when it has a high poly content.
the rushing on the swiftly tops is a bad idea unless that keeps the top from riding up, I wish they made mor tanks in the light luon, those are the best for running.


Anonymous said...

I ordered my first Lulu skirt today. If I'm a size 6 in speeds will the 6 in the 2 way rival fit? With the reviews saying how small it runs I'm nervous..

Anonymous said...

I'm a 4 in Speeds, 2 and 4 way. I also bought a 4 in the cadet blue WAFS 2 way, and it was just a little more snug in the waist area, right above the hips. I almost returned it because it was a tad tighter than my other skirts there. I ended up keeping it, though, because it was so cute! I can't say it stretched out at all, but it was fine and not binding. I think this will fit you if you aren't bigger in the hips/low waist. I'm not. I have really muscular quads, so the 4 works.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much anon 8:57! I'm actually a 4 in crops and get a 6 in speeds because I prefer them roomier. Hopefully this skirt works out - I have the LS swiftly in the clear mint and I LOVE the color and the skirts are sold out in 2-8 online- fingers crossed!