Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Clear Mint Energy Bra and More

The new Clear Mint/Silver Spoon Energy bra. Shown with coordinating Boogie shorts.

The same Clear Mint/Silver Spoon Energy Bra and matching Soot/Clear Mint Ujjayi Crops. Also shown is a nice close up of the Ujjayi crop.

Pace Queen Tights in Secret Garden and Petite Fleur.

Inspire Crops in Petite Fleur and Secret Garden.

Some Embody crops combos with the Breathe and Flow Tank, Elevate Tank, No Limit Tank, Forme II jacket, and Ujjayi bra.

Secret Graden Groove Shorts with the Lightened Up LS, Tracker II shorts with the Lightened Up SS, and Secret Garden Free Reign Short with a Tone It Tank.


Anonymous said...

the pace queen pants in secret garden are awesome I want. Feeling like a 3 year old about to have a tantrum.


Anonymous said...

The girl with the hot pink highlights is totally rocking that look! What top is she wearing? Ta.

Anonymous said...

the diff material at the bottom of the secret garden pace queens looks like garbage bags sewn on its hideous imo!!!! I cate the diff materials sewn on the bottom of the crops along w/ the zippers they put there as well i like a nice clean line, can't wait for this trend w/ them to stop already!!!!!

stylista diva said...

I tried the SG Inspires and surprisingly liked them on. I didn't purchase them though as I would much rather have a pair of shorts (which my AB,Canada stores still didn't have). I'm still thinking I would get tired quickly of this print in a running tight/crop.

Anonymous said...

The pretty purple breathe and go tank looks much better in the girl in this picture. I had to return a 4 because it literally looked like a tent on me. I'm also not quite sure how that much fabric could be convenient for any yoga pose or workout .. Ah well to each their own.

Anonymous said...

The ujjayi crops are so tempting with the mesh and luxtreme, but I would want to wear them for running. Is that a reasonable use, or am I nuts?
I adore this blog, thank you to LLA and the great online community!

Anonymous said...

OT but what is the name of the orange tank paired with the petite fleur pants?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:48 pm - the Tone It Tank