Friday, April 18, 2014

Cashew Wee Space Cool Racerback and More

Secret Garden and Pigment Blue Coast Tanks.  I really liked the Coastal Tank when I tried it on last year but I didn't know how the swim material would perform in the gym so I left it at the store. I think it was a size down item but can't recall. Anyone have this and use it at the gym and can comment on how it performs?

Some Breathe and Flow Tank photos. This tank looks very pretty on these women but I felt like I wear wearing a nightie when I tried on a returned white one at the store. The bra is also rather low cut and low support so I also showed a ton of cleavage.

You can't see much of the racing stripes on the crops but at least the colors are true to life in this photo.

Clear Mint and Vintage Pink/Pretty Purple Pace Crops.

Secret Garden Cool Racerback

Cashew Wee Space Cool Racerback

Secret Garden Free Reign Short

Secret Garden Speed Short

New Secret Garden/Pow Light Wunder Under Crops.

New visor.

New Scuba and Pow Light Cool Racerback

Pretty Purple Power Y

Deauville Stripe Power Y

Pow Pink Light Forme Jacket


Unknown said...

luluaddict did you try on the free reign shorts or does anyone have a review? i like the idea of no liner and them being longer then speeds. speeds look like underwear on me no matter what size. i wear a 6 in groovy run shorts and an 8 wunder unders.

Unknown said...

I favor brights over pastels, but Pretty Purple is such a pretty color that I picked up the Power Y today. Just my preference, but I'll only wear it with dark colors (soot, black, cadet blue, inkwell) & not other light colors like some of these photos to keep it not overly pastel-y.

tenaflymom said...

I LOVE the coastal tank it's super light and flawy. Quick-drying too. I own 4 of them. They do run a little big but i guess it depends on how loose you want it. I bought an "In a flash singlet" in the same size and it was a little light in the bust.

Anonymous said...

I would also really like to hear from all the fellow addicts re performance of swim material in coastal tank for gym workouts/running. I am a real sweaty betty and worry about how the swim material will hold up.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried on the new pace crops? I think the are super cute. Just wondering if they are nice and thick or sheer! Thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

That commuter denim/slate scuba has been in my local US stores for the past month or so - I kept wondering when or if I'd see it on the website. I continue to find it very confusing how Lulu determines which stores get what stock when vs. when the stock is for sale online.

It has Clear Mint piping on the inside along the zipper, and a Pretty Purple zipper pul and stitching around the embroidered Lulu logo on the hood. I love it as it seems like a great neutral but the pop of Clear Mint is a nice fun touch of color.

Anonymous said...

I love my coastal tanks. Got the black in a 4 and it's a wee big so I bought the pigment blue in a 2. I love the material (it wrinkles easily though). It performs well for weight training and I've worn it to step class but you got to wear a good supportive bra for high impact. I wore a free to be bra and the girls popped out during my plank. Top isn't supportive what-so-ever. Also it's obviously very loose at the bottom so mountain climbers or planks my whole stomach was showing (so you'd have to tuck it in if you care). Overall lovely tank. I wear it for casual wear too :)

Anonymous said...

I think the Breathe and Flow tank looks pretty and feminine, but it is not practical - would be such a hassle in many yoga poses. Never mind inversions or downward dog, the material would just get in the way. Plus those straight bra straps look out of place. Why would they not have an X or V back for this?

I also agree that it does look like a nightie!

Jiji said...

The pigment blue coastal tank looks lovely. I'd also like to hear about the fit of the pace crops.

Anonymous said...

I bought the clear mint pace crops at out trunk show. I think they run snug. I didn't love. I'm not returning though. They are cute.

Anonymous said...

I love the Coastal tank I have. The material seems like it wouldn't breathe well but it does. When I really start to sweat the fabric actually feels cool to the touch. For me it runs looser in the waist than a 105. I got the same size as 105 singlet. Normally I am a 4 or 6 and bought a 2 and it's still very loose. If I'm going upside down or the material gets in the way of my barbell I tie it in a knot at the back of my waist to keep it tight against my body. Looks cute that way too.

Anonymous said...

Those visors are just awful