Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Camo Wunder Unders, Solo Bra, Wraps, and More

Also shown is the Solo Bra

The woman in the top photo makes me wish I had ordered the Roll Down Camo Wunder Unders but I already have the regular version. 

Solo Bra Photos. Shown with the Blue Tropics In the Flow Crops.

Solo Bra shown with a new quilt pattern in the Wunder Under Pants.

Cashew Wee Space and Black Tone It Tank (I think) shown with Pipe Dream/Black Reversible Wunder Under Crops.

Twist and Wrap and Iconic Wrap Photos.

Nice photo of the full on luxtreme Inspire Crops in Petite Fleur. Shown with a white Energy Bra.


Anonymous said...

These camo crops look a lot less subtle than the WU. Maybe youll actually be able to tell that these are camo. Im glad I ordered them but am new to the 'denim' luon. Is it super hot? Im just hoping theyre not sheer as the other reviews are mixed...
Love the solo bra. Looks fantastic on the woman in the top picture. not ready to pull the trigger because i dont know if Id feel comfortable that exposed in yoga..Kinda wish it was more supportive for run because I really like the 'bralet' look.

Carrie | Gymwear Guru said...

That girl in the first photo looks amazing in those items!

Anonymous said...

I was excited about the vitasea iconic wrap; I have or have had all of the previous versions and love the knit one. But in these photos and the ones on the website the arms look crazy tight. Did Lulu not receive ANY of the previous feedback?
Also, it looks as if the arm tightness differs from colour to colour... The white one looks more comfortable. Any try on reports out there?

Anonymous said...

The girls are lovely, the wraps are not.

Anonymous said...

I was excited about the vitasea iconic wrap, too! Now I regret ordering it...I received the shipping notice this morning, so I'll find out soon enough.
The solo bra looks pretty cute paired with the high-waisted bottoms. Any fit reviews on the solo? Thanks!

stylista diva said...

I like the solo bra, but it is a try-on item for me. As always, the roll down camo sold out quickly Canada side, but I have the regular version and don't really like the roll down thing (I find it doesn't stay rolled down for me.)
I did get the Ujjayi SG print bra. VERY comfortable -stayed with my usual bra size. BUT the black band at the front doesn't stay flat (wrinkles up slightly with movement). I suppose this means I should have chosen a size down, but then it would be tight everywhere else including the inside elastic band (I'm a C cup for reference). It's decent coverage and it doesn't ride up.
Hoping the Blue tropic tank and crops hit Canadian stores soon and also hoping they are opaque!

Unknown said...

I ran to the store my local store and tried both wraps on.. for me both were a fail.. I felt the iconic wrap, while I love the material, was too short in back when worn the one way and reversing it just accentuates your rear in not a good way. Also the twist and wrap I so wanted to love but arms were snug and the cross worn in from was just odd looking, not flattering.. The best way to wear this wrap was moving the cross sec ion behind your head to wear like a jacket with cut-out in back . This was so so but I felt it gave too much bulk to your sides and no very flattering .