Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Photos of the Latest

Also shown are Fatigue Street to Studio crops.

More After Asana photos.

Carry and Go pants.

The Fatigue Green Flip Your Dog LS

Black camouflage Wunder Under crops.

Bali Breeze 105F Singlet and Milky Way Wunder Under crops.

Comparison of black Retro camo from two years ago to the newest Fatigue Green Savasana Bangbuster.


Anonymous said...

LLA is that an antidote energy bra in that camo WUC collage photo? Or is it creamsicle pop but the photo's color is severely morphed?? I really hope it's an antidote energy bra!!!

Anonymous said...

Carry and Go pants are not a completely new item, though, if I remember correctly. I believe they first came out with the matching Carry and Go hoodies (those eventually went to WMTM - I have three of them and still lalalove them.)

Anonymous said...

FYI for those of you in SoCal looking for the black camo wunder under crops, the El Segundo store had a bunch, looked like all sizes, a few hours ago.

Unknown said...

Can anyone compare the fit of the nice asana & after asana? I usually buy formes but was considering the nice asana because I want a medium grey jacket but then saw the after asana. TIA!

Chezhire71 said...

Gotta love the hidden A's in the Black Retro Camo!