Monday, March 24, 2014

More of the Latest

Petite Fleur/Not So Petite Fleur Scuba II and Antidote Flow Y Energy bra.

New Runamuck SS in what looks like Cashew, though I suppose it could be Ambient Gray. I hope we get a Cool Racerback and more tops in Cashew. It's been an accent color for awhile now but it'd be nice to have some core pieces, like a CRB, WUs, and a jacket in the color. Also shown is the Pace Rival Skirt and Forme jacket.

More Runnamuck Tee photos.

Also shown are Cadet Inspire crops

Lightened Up Pullover.

Heathered Lullaby Swiftly LS. There is also a Scuba II hoodie out in Heathered Lullaby. Shown with the Pace Rival Skirt.

Cadet Wee Are From Space Pace Rival Skirt.

Fatigue Post Savasana Jacket and Cadet Blue Groove Pants.


Anonymous said...

Upload. It's tres boring. Back to bed I go.

Anonymous said...

No WAFS! (or tech mesh or parallel stripe- yes old stuff but hit some stores this week). Well, Canada anyways, I don't think US side saw these either though.

Does lululemon always do the WAFS crops in a surprise upload lately? Anyone have any idea what time these are at? Same time random day? Middle of the night? Morning? I always miss them and I like this colorway so much too.... :(

If anyone can angel a 2 or 4 to Canada please email me at
I can return the favor... and hit the stores here at least once a week too.


Anonymous said...

In the first picture, isn't that an All-Sport bra? Not a Flow Y?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 11:26 am - pretty sure it's a Flow Y. Stores never post photos of on-line only items, which the All Sport is.

Anna Grace Price said...

I thought so too at first, but the top of it is definitely an all-sport. It's doesn't have the lining that the Flow Y does.

Anna Grace Price said...

What I mean (I don't think I was clear enough) is that the Flow Y has a prominent lining at the top of the bra - but the All-Sport bra lays flat and has a more seamless look.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the TECH MESH TIGHT in the stores?I went to my store (santana row in san jose)last week,but didn't see it.

Anonymous said...

The antidote bra is actually an energy bra. Lulumum has a post about it