Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Free Reign Shorts and More

The Free Reign Shorts. I'm dying to try these one even though I though the back view on the web model looked awful. They look pretty cute on these ladies.

The Run Fast Track Short with the Creamsicle Pop Swiftly LS.

More Fast Track Shorts

Really liking the Angel Blue version of the Spring Forward Jacket.

A rare photo of the new Elevate Tank.

Transformation Wrap and Find Your Flow Crop.

More Chase Me II crop photos.

The Bring Back the Track Pant. Some of these ladies make them look cute.  ;-)

Angel Blue Tracker II shorts and Creamsicle Pop Swiftly LS.

Cadet Spring Forward Jacket

Flip Your Dog LS and Heathered Medium Gray Still Pants

Heathered Fatigue Roll Down Wunder Under Pants.

Flare Swiftly and Angel Pace Setter Skirt.


Anonymous said...

Does that mean Find Your Flows are in store now? I missed them online :(

Unknown said...

You're killing me with more cute pics of the Angel Blue Spring Forward Jacket!!!!

yeah, I love that picture of the elevate tank. I think that may be the first thing in that kitchen granite print I've liked so far.

Anonymous said...

The girl is picture #1 is GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

bugs me when people wear their swiftlys too small like most on here and they're all bunched up at the waist!! Now i understand how some claim they ride up- i was always wondering how on earth they could possibly do that..... now i know.... Tooo tooo small!!!!! Ha ha ha women and their wearing too tight of cloths- so sad :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh the wrap is so cute - is it different than the first version?

Those new shorts have a retro look to me... not in a good way.

And why did Lulu make those ugly pants?

Anonymous said...

Luluaddict: Do you know if the Chase Me Crops in black camo were released on the US site?

Anonymous said...

i ordered the fast track shorts thinking they might work for hot yoga. anybody have any input on that?

Anonymous said...

Whenever someone comments someone is "gorgeous" - can't help but wonder if they're THAT person.

Anonymous said...

8:18 the fast track shorts work for all types of yoga, I have 4 pairs from last season and I run, stretch, lift weights and do hot and ashtanga yoga in them. I also use them for sailing. I think they are excellent shorts.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:52 am: Thanks! Looking forward to trying them on.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 12:09-- lol! Me, too!