Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fatigue and Beachscape Scubas, Antidote Vinyasa

I totally want this Fatigue Scuba II hoody. I think it's heathered but am not sure.

Photos of the new Heathered Cadet Beachscape Scuba.

New Antidote Vinyasa. Antidote is one of my favorite colors ever, particularly for a bra that peeks out from underneath tanks. I really hope we see some Swiftly tops in Antidote, too.


  1. They had just unpacked the Fatigue Scuba II Hoody when I was at the SF Union St store yesterday. It is a really pretty heathered army green - so, so, so soft. Just a heads up on sizing: I usually get jackets in a 6 and this was ever the slightest big tight in a 6 for me. The 8 was too big. If you want to wear it for street wear (layers underneath), size up.

    I did not get it and will probably regret it - I don't have a scuba and have been waiting for a really pretty "neutral" one to be my first.

  2. Yes, love the fatigue scuba which I don't need more of! It is so gorgeous a color on this woman!

  3. Need another opinion...Is the beachscape scuba cute with the patterned back? Or is it too O'Neill's/Roxy circa 1996-2001?

    1. I got it today and love it!

  4. The heathered fatigue is pretty but I don't really need another Scuba. I'm not a fan of the Beachscape Scuba, I think the back looks tacky.

  5. Love that fatigue scuba!! I haven't really been all that excited about this color, but that scuba is GORG!! I might need this one. Thanks for the pictures, LLA! I love reading your blog :)

  6. I love the beachscape scuba. I think that it's the perfect amount of beachscape without going over the top. I like my scubas to look a little different, so I never go for the solid colors. A couple of the eds were wearing it today and completely sold me!

  7. LLA- I just called over to South Coast Plaza to see if they had the fatigue hoodie and they did so I ran over there as soon as I could. They said that you were just there this morning! It would have been so cool to have met you, your blog is awesome.
    The color is amazing on this hoodie. A great neutral and very calming olive green. Grab it if you can.
    OT- in chatting with the ED's, they told me that Lulu is going to do another small release of the camo print again in June/July. They also said that they only received 5 pairs of the beachscape WUP and they were already sold out.

  8. I agree the beach scape is just enough on the scuba. the other items, CRB,WUP are too much for me. check out the nz banner under jackets.....stunning shot. sold me:) it's a beautiful, unique scuba.

  9. I much prefer the Beachscape Scuba to the Fatigue one. I'm a "blue" fan as opposed to green and am obsessed with Cadet Blue, especially heathered like the Scuba. I find the Beachscape back subtle enough not to be tacky. I didn't buy the CRB and am certainly not going to get the WU pants. They scream "look at me!!!" and I'm more of a "notice me" person.

  10. 10:54 when I see the back of the scuba, that is exactly what I think.
    Surfer wear, which really isn't bad if you are wearing it to the beach, or if you live by the sea.


  11. Did anyone snag a studio soft shell in tweed from WMTM in tweed preferably black that they don't love !? I missed out! And love that jacket! Size 4-6 email me at