Monday, March 31, 2014

Color Comparison: Antidote vs. Split Pea, Zippy Green, Tree Frog, and Bright Lime

Zippy Green (top) vs. Antidote Energy bras.

Heathered Split Pea CRB on left, Antidote Energy bra center, and Bright Lime 2012 Sea Wheeze Run in the Sun LS. This was taken at night with a flash.

 Antidote Energy bra on top. Heathered Tree Frog CRB on left and Heathered Split Pea CRB on right. This was taken at night under fluorescent light.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the comparison. I was wondering the difference between Split Pea and antidote.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the all-sport bra in antidote. I returned it because I already have faded zap and zippy green bras and the color was just too similar to what I already own.

Tornadogirl said...

I love all of those colours! But thanks for the comparison!!! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comparison. I love them all. I better be careful not to buy too much in Antidote to leave room for some of these other colors.