Monday, March 3, 2014

Carry and Go Pants and More

The new Carry and Go Pants.

Black Camo Energy Bra

New colors of the Flip Your Dog LS.

Roll Down Wunder Under Crops. These look like cotton to me.

The Lullaby No Limit tank.

Black Camo Wunder Under crops have hit US stores today.

Street to Studio Crops are back.


Anonymous said...

camo wunder unders better be online tonight…I'm so annoyed I've called all 3 local so cal stores for the last few days and they didnt have them in yet. i call again after seeing they hit stores and oh we sold out in minutes of those I'm told. how in the world am i suppose to live life and just hang out at the mall all day everyday to find the latest and greatest if it sells out in minutes?? so over the fact that workout clothes have taken over my world. and that i have to constantly be calling stores on speed dial to hope they have what I'm looking for. my lulu obsession is coming to a close. lack of product, crappy return policy, and tired of dealing with educators that ask me if Ive been in when I'm decked out head to toe in the brand. sorry everyone for the rant over a pair of overpriced pants but i was REALLY looking forward to these and NO WAY i will buy on evil bay…

LD said...

Tried on the black camo Energy Bra and wasn't a fan. Straps and band under bust are black and the fabric is similar if not the same as the Beachscape crb. The black camo wu on the otherhand came home with me. YaY for black camo!!! FINALLY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Carry & Go Pants not looking too flattering in the 1st photo. Pass.

I tried the Roll Down Wunder Under Crops. Very comfortable, however I prefer the regular WU crop for the waist and for the Luon. The Rolldown is some kind of stretch cotton.

I snagged a pair of the Speed Tights in the black camo thx to LLA's heads up. I'm ok passing on the black camo WU crop.

LD said...

@anon 7:10 try Pasadena they had a bunch :)

Anonymous said...

yikes! lulu is a luxury not a commodity.