Monday, March 31, 2014


In the Flow Dress (only Canada) - like a long Swiftly tank for $88. I kind of like it but would wear it as a tunic, I think.

The Embody crops are back (in Canada only right now), in full on luon this time. These got pulled as part of the Pantsgate recall but I really loved the fit of the Inkwell version I tried on last year. The color combos in these crops give us the latest palette: Secret Garden print, Pow Pink Light, Heathered Medium Gray, Pretty Purple, Pipe Dream Blue, and Clear Mint. We should also add Pigment Blue into the palette since it's park of the swim line and other items.

The swim line showed up tonight, as promised. The designs are identical to last year's. All of this is a pass for me. I've been buying my bathing suits at Athleta for the last couple of years.

Pigment Pace Queen Tights.

New Ebb and Flow racerbacks were uploaded. 

New Live Natural cotton crops in Black/Heathered Cadet Blue Dip Dye. I ordered these. (Update - hopefully I'll get them since they were gone by 10:19 - wow!)

I also ordered the new Antidote Cool Racerback. I already have Heathered Tree Frog and Heathered Split Pea so this might be going back. I'll have to see how I like it when it gets here.

Did you order anything?

More of the Latest

Fatigue Hold Your On Hoodie and Ebb to Street Pants. Somebody called this an Ewok cloak in the comments today, lol.

Secret Garden (doesn't this name bring to mind romance novel euphemisms for lady parts?) print in the Hold Your Om Hoodie. Also shown are the Tech Mesh tights.

Clear Mint Spring Breakaway Shorts

Ebb to Street Pants. I'm not sure what tank this is. It looks too short to be a CRB so I'm thinking it might be the new Ebb and Flow racerback.

Color Comparison: Antidote vs. Split Pea, Zippy Green, Tree Frog, and Bright Lime

Zippy Green (top) vs. Antidote Energy bras.

Heathered Split Pea CRB on left, Antidote Energy bra center, and Bright Lime 2012 Sea Wheeze Run in the Sun LS. This was taken at night with a flash.

 Antidote Energy bra on top. Heathered Tree Frog CRB on left and Heathered Split Pea CRB on right. This was taken at night under fluorescent light.

NEW Pigment Blue Vinyasa Scarf

Thanks to Ms. K. for the photos - a new Vinyasa in Pigment Blue.

More of What Is In the Stores

The new floral print is called Secret Garden. Photos of the new Take Your Om Hoodie. Also shown is the Ebb to Street Pant.

Angel/Lullaby Tonka Stripe Cool Racerback and In the Flow crops.

Lightened Up Pullover photos. I really like this but not at $128.

2014 Swim Line Photos

The new print is called Secret Garden. I believe the blue is Pipe Dream Blue - though it could be Pigment Blue - and the pink is Pow Pink Light going by the colors of the new Spring Break Away shorts.

Fatigue Cotton Roll Down Wunder Under Crops and More

New Fatigue Cotton Roll Down Wunder Under crops is shown with another color in the new Hold Your Om Hoodie. I really love my Heathered Black Roll Down Wunder Under Crops. Do I dare pick up another pair? Update - one of my product notice emails say that new Roll Down WUCs are also coming in Heathered Cadet Blue.

New Ebb to Street Pants shown with an Antidote CRB, Lullaby Power Y, and Angel/Lullaby Tonka Stripe CRB.

New In the Flow Short.

NEW! Spring Break Away Shorts, New Swim Line, and More

New Spring Break Away Shorts. These look like they might be made of Swift but can't tell for sure.

New colors are out in the Cool Racerback - Angel/Lullaby stripe, Antidote, and Petite Fleur. There is also a new Petite Fleur Power Y.

New Ebb to Street Pants are out. Also shown is the Hold Your Om hoodie.

New Ebb and Flow Racerback Tanks are out.

The new swim line will be coming tonight - it's online only and looks like the same pieces they released last year only in different colors.