Friday, February 14, 2014

New Om Onward Scarf and More

New Om Onward Scarf. It looks like it's made of the same Boolux material as the new Iconic wraps but I am not sure on that. Also shown are Pace Queen Tights and a Cadet Blue Forme Jacket.

Another sighting of the new print in a Groove waistband. It looks a lot like Tinted Canvas Print. I had to sell my Tinted Canvas Power Y because it was too big so I'd love if this came out in a Power Y.

Fatigue Green Studio Crops. I tried on the Fatigue Studio Pants last week. They are a true Army green.

Mountain Tank

Pace Queen Tight in 1/8 Cadet Blue Stripe

Vintage Pink Wee Are From Space (WAFS) Power Y and Pace Queen Tight


Anonymous said...

I typically don't buy lulu unless I find something I absolutely love. That said, I tried on the Mountain Tank today in the Cadet Blue stripe and really love it! I couldn't resist getting it. It looks really cute paired casually with jeans. I usually wear 8 in support tops and 6 in non-support. Had to go with the 4 in this (as I did with the Open Your Heart LS), and it's still flowy and forgiving against my midsection.

Also tried on the Post Sweat Pullover in a 6, and it was TIGHT. If you're on the fence, size up. I wasn't a fan of the hemline either (it's similar to that of the Base Runner 1/2 Zip, which I have but was my one reservation about the top). I did not buy it.

Anonymous said...

the pace tights with the vintage pink are really cute. In the store they look great, good materials. I think the length is perfect for shorter ladies like me.
I like the tinted canvas pattern.
I have a scoop neck, hot yoga shorts and a cross my heart bra in that same print I always end up grabbing the bra for my workouts.


Anonymous said...

Received the new speed short in black stripe with cadet blue waistband. Definitely, 2 -way stretch NOT 4-way stretch as indicated on website.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, I just want to comment that I just got my order of cadet blue speed shorts, and these are most definitely 2-way stretch, NOT 4-way stretch as described online. It even says so on the tag. I'm sending mine back.

Anonymous said...

Is that a new bag in the pic with the pink headband?

Anonymous said...

LLA what size tinted canvas power y do you want? I have one that looks like that print and it's an 8.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 1:09 pm - The cadet blue Mountain Tank is really speaking to me. I miss Vitasea tanks and wish LLL would have also re-released the Every Yogi tank along with the tee - and in prints! I've seen some try on photos of the Beachscape CRB and I know it would have made an awesome Every Yogi tank.

Anonymous said...

The mountain tank is sooo unflattering on, unless you have a very straight thin body. Any curves and that thing adds the pounds. It would have been great amount 10 inches shorter and cut in a bid at the waist.

Anonymous said...

Got my pkg today from the upload! Love the Wee stripe crops in pink, I didn't know if I would but they look adorable in person. I ordered a size down and they fit perfect. I also received the Live Natural Crop, low cut in waist and feels like they may fall down so they're going to my daughter who is 20. The Live Natural are a true size fit and very thick cotton blend no sheerness.

Anonymous said...

I love the back of the mountain tank but not the front low cut v shape. THat wouldn't work for me for yoga unless I had a really containing high bra.
I also don't love it for that price for such a ho hum looking tank.
Im tempted by the speed tights but I just don't run outside enough to justify :)