Monday, February 24, 2014

Lots of Milky Way Wunder Under Crop Photos

Shown with a Bali Breeze Cool Racerback and Cadet Blue Yoga Anorak.

Also shown is the Beachscape Multi Cool Racerback and Heathered Medium Gray Wunder Under crops.

Lots of photos of the new Denim Milky Way Wunder Under crops. There is a ton of variation in this pattern.


Anonymous said...

I thought the color on those crops was bali green. I like the green CRB a lot


Anonymous said...

Like the Bali Green CRB. Easy pass on the milky way print, just like the older version from a couple of years ago. Looks cool for about 5 seconds. I see people wearing the crops/tanks etc. in my yoga classes and I cringe. Also very easy pass on the ugly Anorak jacket.

W said...

Bali breeze and milky way look great together! Pretty outfits.

I'm going to think the milky way is going to be a handpick item... So much variation in the patterns lately!

Anonymous said...

I pray these Milky Way wunder unders come in a size 12. I hate when they stop at 10!