Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fatigue Green In the Flow Crops and More

The Fatigue Green In the Flow Crops and Heathered Medium Gray Cool Racerback.

Rise and Shine Jacket in the Not So Petite Fleur print.

More Yoga Over Skirt photos.
The Heathered Medium Gray Luon Wunder Under crops.

Heathered Cadet Blue Swiftly LS. I love my SS in this color.


Anonymous said...

Love the heathered cadet blue swiftly fabric, but after buying a single swiftly (LS) I swore it would be my last swiftly because it snagged easily (and seemingly by being exposed to air since I treated it like gold), seemed overpriced for what it is, & the straight fit wasn't flattering. But I keep reading this fabric is different. Could they have changed the fabric to make it more durable?

Anonymous said...

LLA, love your blog! Do you find your Heathered cadet blue swiftly to fit tts? Is the material similar to other swiftlys? Thanks for your help!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:50 pm - I found this one (I have the SS) to be a little looser fitting through the middle. I could be maybe the material is stretchier, I am not sure.

@ anon 4:56 pm - Swiftly fabrics come in many flavors of durability. I have the Green Bean striped Swiftly tank and that thing has a ton of tiny little snags all over it. I've never had a swiftly snag like that before. I have other swiftlys that have very few snags but they are super easy to snag.

Anonymous said...

I just got the heathered cadet blue LS, and the fabric is different from my other swiftly's. It is much softer and smoother, if that makes sense. My dry hands didn't catch on the fabric like they do on the silveresent ones I have. The paisley print in particular snagged like crazy. This one is by far the best texture. I tried Bali breeze and vintage pink swiftly's today also, and those felt different. Still better than paisley, but nowhere near as soft as the cadet. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

i got a cadet blue SS swiftly and just ordered the racerback and am thinking about a long sleeve too! it's nice and thick and soft and the color is so great - i won't feel like i am wearing a workout top. am i allowed to have the same color in 3 different tops??? if anything i should return the SS since i have 5-6 SS already...

also, kind of glad i'm not liking the fatigue in the flow crops (even though fatigue/olive green is may favorite color (it's my black)) - maybe it's because i have too many in the flows already.

loving my traveling yogini rucksack!