Thursday, February 6, 2014

After Asana Pant and Fit Review

Some photos of the new After Asana pant. I bought the Cadet Blue ones yesterday and am wearing them now - they're super comfy. I tried on the Cadet Blue and the Heathered black. The material in the Heathered Black and Heathered Gray is very similar to that used in the Calm and Cozy and Feel  pants, thick and soft. The Cadet Blue is different looking but still soft. It feels more technical than the other two colors and isn't as casual-looking as them. The price is $98.

Close Up of the Seaming in the back

Close up of the Cade Blue material

I thought these fit on the snug side. I've seen people describe the fit of these to be similar to Skinny Will pant and I'd agree with that. To get a looser fit, people are sizing up in these. 

Some comparison photos for you:

On the bottom are a pair of the newest version of Feel Good pants, in the middle are the After Asana pants, and on top are pique Skinny Will pants. This will give you an idea on how body skimming the fit is. These are all the same size (10).


Anonymous said...

OT- picked up a beachy watercolor fly away tamer today, the material definitely goes white when stretched. Will not be flattering if it comes in other Luon pieces like a CRB, will stick to materials like the speeds if they come out.

Anonymous said...

Love the cadet blue/bali breeze/pink color combo! The after asana pants look nice in the photos, but anything with a tie in front is a pass for me.

Anonymous said...

Geez! I didnt pay attention to the after asana pant in the upload but after seeing these photos I had to order the cadet blue. And even though I've had bad luck with Lulu knitwear I also ordered the black iconic wrap. I wonder if the bali breeze wrap is going to look dated soon because of the colour? With my skintone I couldn't pull it off but it is pretty for tanks and other summery items. Seems a bit much for a sweater, though.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know why people are so into the iconic wrap. I don't find it to be flattering or of good quality. It also isn't very functional.
Those sweat trousers are a big no in my book.


Anonymous said...

Did I miss the release of the After Asana pant on the US site?

Anonymous said...

I am also wondering if I've missed out on the after asana pants. I'm in the US and have not seen them on the website.