Monday, January 13, 2014

Race with Grace Pullover and More

With coordinating Petal Pop Multi Inspire Crops

Showing ipod cord tunnel - yay!
More Race with Grace Pullover photos. It's made of brushed Power Luxtreme. The one fit review I have read said it is a snuggish TTS.

Another Chai Time photo

The Post Practice Cardi


Anonymous said...

I do not have one pair of inspires. I tried on a pair the other day and before I even put them on I could feel how thin and flimsy there were and sure enough you could see the tag while standing up. with all of the fabric changes the ed at my store didn't seem to have a clue what was what...Can anyone advise to the best most opaque inspires. I have to say I tried on all black crops and even the full on luon ones were sheer. The Grace crops look interesting with the ribbing. I sure wish they'd get their act together

W said...

Five Reasons why Lululemon Stock is Imploding -

Nice link to your blog, LuluAddict!

Anonymous said...

Is the Chai time tts?

Juliana Mendes said...

The macro micro inspires are not sheer and they look great!!!

Anonymous said...

Tried on the camo print WU pants today. Regular luon, not full on. Very polyester, and sheer. Print is subtle, color is different but no purchase.

Anonymous said...

I used to have a sweater similar to the Cardi. I sold it in a garage sale last year.

Anonymous said...

@1:53 - I have the soot light wee space inspires from the fall 2013 and they are not sheer. Unfortunately they are also sold out now but maybe they'll introduce another wee space print soon.

I have found the IPLUX or Fullux as they are now calling it to be the only non sheer pant/crop material. I like you have tried on almost every crop and found them all to be sheer which is really disappointing. I don't even get excited when a new luxtreme crop is released because of that. They unfortunately have not made any run crops in this other material that I am aware of - mostly yoga crops, but it is great and very compressive. I have two pairs of crops in this material that I use for everything, running, crossfit, yoga, kickboxing, etc. One of them is the WUC and although some people's reviews say that the waistband rolls, mine did when I first bought them but the more I wear them and wash them the less that happens.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for link.

LLA, very nice quote from you in the very 1st paragraph!!!

Anonymous said...

re: inspires I just bought my first pair. They don't seem sheer to me but I am not sure I trust the mirror. The hang tag says power luxtreme. Is that the same as iplux, fullux, whatever anon 5:01 pm is referring to? TIA!