Wednesday, January 22, 2014

NEW! Digni Tee Colors, Twist Bra, and More

New Digni Tee colors. Also shown is the Open Your Heart Pant, and Twist Bra.

Twist Bra and Patience Pant.

Zing Pink Apex Stripe Scoop Neck tank.

Zing Pink and Lavender Apex Stripe Energy Bra and Zing Pink and Medium Gray Wee Stripe Free to Be bras.

Zing Pink Cool Racerback

The new Quilt Fly Away Tamer headband.

Zing Pink Swiftly Tank, LS, and SS.

White/Heathered Medium Gray Wee Stripe Power Y and Cool Racerback.

Patience Pant photos.

Baroque Blue Speed Tights.

Baroque Blue Ice Queen Tight and Race With Grace Half Zip


stylista diva said...

No Energy bras on Canadian site at all. I'm wondering if stores are getting the new stuff before online? I'll be checking my stores tomorrow for the Digni tee, twist bra,(neither was uploaded) & white/grey wee stripe WUP to check the sheerness (all gone online of course).

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA…I'm laughing at the suggestion that that is BRA that is evenly remotely functional. (If you have boob tissue.)

Enough of last year's pastels. BLAH.

W said...

Bra definitely won't work for my D's but yay for other ladies!

Yeah dislike the pastels though. It's too Easter Bunny for me.

Excited to see what's coming up on WMTM tonight.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for sure enough w/ last years pastels what a joke! and i hate hate zippers at the bottom of tights whats the purpose except to be anoying and then you cant hem them big waist of time imo! deep zin came and went w/ hardly anything in the color would have loved a crb in that!!! and then they do god awefull light pastel green and its out in everything!!!!! Its beyond irritating it makes me hate that company isn't that weird???? Ya i know it is! I need a break from them for sure, i need to break up w/ them ha ha ha ha ha very disfunctional relationship ;(

Anonymous said...

WMTM is a any other retailer, LLL should do their first markdown @ 30% then in 30 to 60 days do another 30% off the lowest price. They are so GREEDY with the profits. They certainly don't pass it on to LLL employees: low pay compared to other retailers.

Amanda said...

I definitely want to get my hands on that twist bra; it reminds me of the pranayama bra which, while not practical for me at things like crossfit (I'm a 32C), I love for yoga and just running around town. I hate most sports bras because I don't like my girls to be smushed down and smooshed together so I'm all about the lift and separate and breath of fire type bras.

Anonymous said...

any fit reviews of the colab merino tank? i was going to try one and they already sold out of size 6!

Anonymous said...

OT: I've been feeling bruised by LLL lately (standard reasons: reduction in quality of my fav pieces; performance issues after possibility of return; and honestly, lack of items to choose), but I think LLL karma swung my way.
My recent order came with a small but appreciated freebie headband (those gestures go a long way with me).
Plus, I was shopping out of town and picked up three jackets (two on sale, one full price), a couple of Energy bras, ruffle Grooves, and a couple of Fast Cat skirt (all on sale). My toddler was freaking out so I stepped out of line and my husband paid. I watched him check out and leave the store. A sensor went off, the educator fixed it, then we were on our way. On the flight home, he hands me the receipt and it was $129! I thought maybe he had the wrong receipt, but that's what the credit card was charged. He was clueless...since most of it was sale items.

I have no idea what they did at checkout, but I'm not driving two hours to my nearest store to have them correct it. (Although I'm kind of thinking Karma will come back to get me if I don't do something!)

What would you do?

Anonymous said...

yep that the twist bra does remind me of the pranayama bra, I can't work out in it, but it's great for lounging and I sometimes wear it as a bathing suit top, same with the lift and separate.


MB. said...

8:08 AM Don't worry about it now. Mistakes like that are rare, but happen at the store level. Be happy with your lesser receipt or if it's really bothering you, bring it in next time you visit and it's convenient (even if its post 2 weeks out, whatever).

Anonymous said...

Bought a CRB: White/Heathered Medium Gray Wee Stripe. Made in Canada!!!

Anonymous said...

@8:08 - Keep the items and enjoy them at the deep discount! If the store is incompetent enough to hire people who cannot perform a task as simple as ringing up items properly - then shame on them and their profits. Lucky you girl!