Monday, December 30, 2013

More of the Latest

The Flip Your Dog LS turned around.

Happy Yin Year Hoodie and Pants

Petal Pop Print Skinny Grooves, Apex Stripe Cool Racerback and Bhakti Shorts.

Happy Yin Year Hoodie and Sweatpant

Happy Yin Year Hoodies.

 Baroque Blue Apex Stripe Cool racerback.

The Happy Yin Year Sweat pants. Also shown is the Happy Yin Year Hoodie.  I went to my store today to try on the Free to Be Wild bra but they didn't have it nor any of the above new stuff. I guess I'll try again after the new year. If you are local, Fashion Island had four or five racks of markdown items but most of it was the same as that on the website or stuff I already have/passed on so I left without getting anything.

NEW Om Tee and More

New Om Tee with the Bhakti yoga crops.

Some In A Flash Short photos with a Swiftly and 105F Singlet.

Bandit Track Pant and Swiftly SS

Swiftly LS and Speed Tights. These look solid Baroque Blue to me so I'm not sure if there are both solid ones and striped ones or I just can't see the stripes in this photo.

More Centered Energy Bra, Bhakti Short and Crop, and 105F Singlet photos.