Sunday, December 29, 2013


Apex Stripe Cool Racerback

Baroque Blue Nice Asana Jacket

Baroque Blue hyperstripe Speed Tights

New Bandit Jacket

Flip Your Dog LS

New Fresh Teal No Limit Tank for Canada only right now

Also in CA only, new Groovy run shorts

New Happy Yin Year Hoodie. It looks short on this model.

New Happy Yin Year Sweatpants

Macro Micro Inspire crops - super tempting!

Petal Pop Speed Shorts - nice!

Canada got this waistband in Speed Tights - love the stripes in the back

New sheer luon SS Track Tee
Free to Be Wild Bra

There was a surprise upload tonight. Perhaps lululemon didn't want to make the normal upload too close to New Year's Eve. The items that tempted me the most were the Macro Micro Inspire crops, though I have a ton of run crops now and the Apex Stripe Baroque Blue Cool Racerback. I didn't get anything tonight, did you?

Update - I didn't even notice the Free to Be *Wild bra until someone pointed it out on one of my boards. I ordered the Silver Spoon to try. Not sure if it will work for me but if it does it will look pretty under a 105F Singlet.

More of the Latest

105F Singlets and Bhakti Yoga Shorts. I think those are Boogie shorts in the last photo.

Bhakti Yoga crops, Centered Energy bra, Flip Your Dog LS, Petal Pop Cool Racerback, Bhakti Yoga Jacket.

Fresh Teal Swiftly LS and Bandit Track Pant