Saturday, December 28, 2013

What's In the Stores

Bandit Track Pants with Swiftly LS and Petal Pop Cool Racerback.

 Bhakti Yoga Crop, shown with a 105F Singlet and Cool Racerback.

 Bhakti Yoga Jacket

Yogi Racerback, Centered Energy Bra, and Bhakti Yoga Short.

All Scubas $50 Off on the Website and in the Stores - One Day Only

Thanks to the readers who alerted me to the $50 off Scuba sale happening today. Apparently, the sale started around 11 pm PST last night - that'll teach me to turn off the computer early. I ended up getting a gray scuba but the Special Edition scubas are also $50 off.  Scubas in stores are also $50 off, including sale rack Scubas so people are getting some nice deals. I like this kind of sale rather than lulu hauling a boatload of scubas to a warehouse sale that only a few people can go to.

Did you get one?