Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Latest In Australia

Brisk Bloom Scoop Neck tank and Reverse Groove Short

Angel Blue No Limit tank and Soot Brisk Bloom Wunder Under Crops

Angel Blue Street to Studio Crops

 Brisk Bloom Forme Jacket and Paris Perfection Aria Tank

Paris Perfection Cool Racerback and Micro Macro Soot Play All Day Shorts.

Stripes craziness - the Base Runner Half Zip and Wunder Under Crops.

Hints About the Upcoming Palette

New WUP from Hong Kong. To my eye the colors look a little like Polar Haze and Mint Moment. I think it's definitely the new palette since we know this floral print is coming and the two colors look like they're in the print:

Parallel Stripe Wunder Under Pant and More

The parallel stripe Wunder Under Pant.

Chevron Dot Pace Setter Skirt and Swiftly LS.

 The new Nice Asana Jackets in Brisk Bloom and Herringbone.

 White Nice Asana Jacket and Parallel Stripe Wunder Under Crop.

New Savasana Sock

 Brisk Bloom Aria Tank and Ebb to Street crops.

Brisk Bloom Carry Me Om Tote

 Brisk Bloom Forme Jacket

Yogi Racerback tank

The New No Limits Tanks and More

Seeing notices come through for various US stores that the Parallel Stripe WUCs are in. Also shown above is the new white/straight up stripe No Limits Tank.

The Black/Brisk Bloom No Limit Tank.

Pique Base Runner Half Zip

Universal Stripe Baserunner LS and More

It's kind of hard to tell since it's obscured by the gym bag but on the left is a photo of the new Universal Striped Baserunner LS. This top was uploaded to the Canadian side of the website last night but not the US side. However, the top photo is from a US store.

Some Coastal Tank photos. I really liked the fit but couldn't decide if the swim fabric was a good fabric for workouts - can anyone comment who has this tank?

 Herringbone Nice Asana Jacket

 Runday crop in the Parallel Stripe

The newest Scubas and Sweat Once a Day gym bags