Thursday, December 12, 2013

Paris Perfection Tame Me Tank and More

Paris Perfection Tame Me Tank and Runday crop. Also shown are Hot Cheeks shorts. I've owned a couple of Tame Me and they are nice for run for any other sweaty activity. They are particularly good for women who are bustier and who like to choose their own level of support.

Parallel Stripe Base Runner Half Zip and Runday crops.

Brisk Bloom Aria Tank and Deep Zinfandel Wunder Under Pant.

The Soot Brisk Bloom Wunder Under Pant. Shown with the Runaway Fleece in the second photo.

Forme Jacket

Scuba Hoodie

Calm and Cozy
Brisk Bloom print jacket options.

The Iconic Wrap has been showning up in stores. I'm not sure if these are new or older stock.

Soot Brisk Bloom Scoop Neck Tank, Astro Pants, and what looks like a Soot Nice Asana Jacket.

 A nice comparison photo showing three tops on the same woman - the Fleet Street Pullover, the Runaway Fleece, and the Post Chaturanga Pullover.

 Fleet Street Pullover

Moto Jacket and Paris Perfection Wunder Under Pants.

Brisk Bloom Practice Daily Tank and More

New Groovy Run shorts in the Chevron Dot pattern.

Practice Daily tank in the Brisk Bloom Print, shown with Surge Wunder Unders.

Fleet Street Pullovers

Paris Perfection Power Y. This is a full weight luon Power Y. I felt it up yesterday, it's nicely thick.

I'm pretty sure this is a TameMe Tank in Paris Perfection.

Zinfandel Rose Herringbone, Brisk Bloom, and Paris Perfection (or maybe Raspberry) Scubas.

Moto Jacket.

From Australia, the Ebb to Street in Angel Blue.

Parallel Stripe Base Runner Half Zip and More

New Base Runner Half Zip in the black Parallel Stripe Print.

The Soot Brisk Bloom Scoop Neck Tank.

Brisk Bloom Forme Jacket

Brisk Bloom Calm and Cozy

Parallel Stripe Runday Crop - reading reports these are not sheer.

Thanks to Ms. B. for this photo.
Not in North America yet - photos of the new Parallel Stripe Wunder Under Crop. Ms. B., who lives in Australia, says these are not sheer.

The new Aria Tanks.

The Practice Daily crops also come in the new Brisk Bloom Print. Shown with an Aria tank.