Monday, December 9, 2013

Laurent Potdevin New Lulu CEO

Laurent Potdevin, lately of Toms, Burton, and LVMH is the new CEO of lululemon. In addition, Chip Wilson is stepping down as non-executive Chairman of the Board of directors. From my 30 seconds of googling his background, Potdevin seems like a good choice. I guess time will tell.

Update - from a Globe and Mail article about the appointment,

"Mr. Potdevin, who most recently was president of Toms Shoes, said he will build on his background in expanding companies globally. He said he learned early on that product quality is of key importance, which is a focus he’ll bring to Lululemon." [emphasis mine]

Music to our ears, Mr. Potdevin!

Update #2 - Business Insider actually likes the hire (and they've been hating on lululemon pretty hard for months now) and quote as one reason:

"Lululemon fans approve. Prominent blogger LuluAddict writes on her blog that Potdevin seems like a good hire. This is a huge deal because of Lululemon's massive online fan base, which has deteriorated somewhat in light of recent issues." 

I'm sure it's reassuring to Wall Street and Potdevin that I've given my approval, lol. (Oh, and by the way Business Insider, check my page view stats, the online fan base is as strong as ever. We're choosey about what we buy but Lulu has been having a pretty good fall and holiday season so far.)

Update #3 - Another video:


Brisk Bloom Forme Jacket

Soot Brisk Bloom Scoop Neck - I have this and love it

New Bust a Move Jacket

New Bust A Move Pants

New Fleet Street Pullover

Herringbone Forme

Runday Crop

Tame Me Tank
The upload is being glitchy again. Here is the link for the US side and the Canadian side. I was thinking of ordering the Runaway hoodie but I know it's already in LA stores so I'll just try it on at the store. I would really like the Brisk Bloom Wunder Under Pant and the black parallel stripe WUC but those weren't uploaded tonight.

Did you order anything?

Fluff Off Crew and Brisk Bloom Speed Tights

The new Fluff Off Crew and the Soot Brisk Bloom Speed Tights. I love those Speed Tights.

Soot Runaway Hoodie

White and Soot Runaway hoodies. Also show are the Keep It Up pants.

White Runaway Hoodie and Parallel Stripe Base Runner LS.

Reflective Jacket and More

Yay! A Soot Brisk Bloom Bangbuster! You will be mine.  Readers have pointed out how my eyes are failing and this is just the Black Beautiful Baroque Bangbuster (boo hoo :( . Sorry to mislead you). Also shown is the Reflective Jacket and Keep It Up Pant.

Keep It Up Pant and Winter Sprinter Hoodie.

Parallel Striped Wunder Unders

Photo showing the black Parallel Striped Wunder Unders. Also shown is what looks like a Brisk Bloom Aria Tank.

More of the Latest

The new striped Base Runner LS.

 Some more Runaway Hoodie photos.

New Heathered Angel Blue Swiftly LS. I think the pink color is Paris Perfection but I guess it could be Guava Lava.

Runday crop.

What's New

Another Base Runner LS and Runday Crop photo.

Base Runner LS, Runday Crop, and Runaway Hoodie

Another photo of the wide-striped Base Runner LS.

Runaway Hoodie and Runday Crop

Black Runaway Hoodie

Black Runaway Hoodie Photo. If you are trying to choose between recent pullovers, a friend just tried this on and said the Post Chaturanga pullover is thicker and warmer than this.

I read a try on report of the new striped Base Runner LS and they are the thinner rulu and not super thick. The fat striped one is softer than the thin striped one, too. However, they very cute.

New holiday shopper totes.

Inside of the Runaway Hoodie

Thanks to Ms. V. for giving us a peak at the material used in the Runaway Hoodie. I am still undecided as to whether to order one if it shows up tonight or not.

Special Edition Scuba Details

I didn't realize the front of the Baroque SE Scuba was also embroidered. It's such a pretty scuba.

SE Ruffle Scuba details.

Parallel Stripe Base Runner LS and More

New Black Parallel Stripe Base Runner LS, shown with the Paris Perfection Inspire Crops.

The white Runaway Hoodie and Keep It Up pant.

Keep It Up Softshell Pant