Sunday, December 8, 2013

Aussie Hint: Black Parallel Stripe Wunder Under Crop & Another Runaway Hoodie Pic

From the Australian site blog - a photo of WUCs in the Black Parallel Stripe Print. (Thanks to Ms. S. for the heads up.) Will these become as iconic as the Quiet Stripe WUCs?

One of the most sought after WUs ever, the Quiet Stripe

Runaway Hoodie

NEW Black and White Stripe Base Runner LS

New Base Runner Longsleeve in Black and White Stripe. This is from an LA-area store.

Australian Heads Up

Hello, my Pretty! Australia got the Soot Brisk Bloom Wunder Under pant. I wonder if we'll be getting this tomorrow.

New Nice Asana Jackets in Brisk Bloom and Angel Blue.

Parallel Stripe Push UR Limits - I like this one a lot.

Ebb to Street Tank in Angel Blue. I don't know if we will get this because the Raspberry Ebb to Street hasn't shown up in North America either.

Speed Shorts in Guava Lava. This looks like a fun color for summer.

 Core Kicker crops in Brisk Blossom.

105F Singlets in Bleached Coral and Clear Mint.

Runaway Hoodie Photos

Two more Runaway Hoodie photos. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the second one.)