Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Pique Vinyasa Arrived

I have tried Vinyasas in the past and always returned them but I think I may keep this one. It's super soft, thick, and cozy. And!!! It has finished edges! I'm not sure when lululemon started finishing the edges on the Vinyasas but it's about time. I have always hated the past versions with unfinished edges, it looks mega cheap:

Old Vinyasa with unfinished edge

PS - for those of you equally Vinyasa-challenged as me, here is the lulu video on how to wear it.

PPS - I got this Vinyasa so I could tuck it into the big open neck of the Post Chaturanga Pullover.

Runaway Hoodie Photo

Photo of the new Runaway Hoodie. I'm hoping some photos showing more details pop up soon. There seems to be a lot of excitement about this new pullover.

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Post Chaturanga Pullover

NEW! Runaway Hoodie

This photo just popped up in one of my groups. It's a new pullover called the Runaway Hoodie and it's $108. I've read it's not Sherpa fleece but it's super soft fleece. However, we had similar reports with the Post Chaturanga Pullover and the fabric seems to lay the same way so I would not be surprised if this is Sherpa fleece after all. There is also a gray version. (Thanks to Ms. J. for the photo.) This is from a US store - anyone try it on yet?

Ooh! A reader says this is very similar to Ivivva Hooked on Beats pullover.

Update - the tag says this is made of "Velvet Fleece."  I am unfamiliar with that fabric.