Thursday, December 5, 2013

Keep It Up Softshell Pant and More

The Keep It Up soft-shell/tech fleece pant and Keep It Up Softshell Jacket.

The striped Swiftlys. I've been made aware that there is a pricing issue on the SS Swiftlys. They are ringing up at $58 in the store but are priced at $64 on the website.

The reflectivity of the Base Runner hoodie. We're having a cold snap here so I'm thinking the tags will come off on mine tomorrow.
 Black striped Swiftly LS and Bleached Coral No Limit Tank.

 Raspberry Aria Tank and Coco Pique Wunder Under Pant.

 Post Chaturanga Pullover

Surge Pace Setter Skirt

Paris Perfection Inspires, Parallel Stripe Scuba, and Passage Sweater

Ooh! Paris Perfection Inspires. Shown with the Parallet Stripe Black Scuba, White Stripe SS Swiftly, and Gold Sweat Once a Day Bag.

 More Parallel Black Stripe Scuba jacket photos.

Passage Sweater pics. I was hoping to try this one on today but my store did not have it.

Store Trip Report - Striped Swiftly Tank Fit Comments

Old Coco Pique on left  and new Coco Pique on the right
I went to the store for a quickie trip to return the Gratitude Wrap (it's the third release and I still can't warm up to the style) and the Feel Good pants I ordered the other day (the new Feel Goods are thinner and don't feel as good as the originals and I figured my Base Runner pants work just as well for comfy lounge wear with the bonus I can use them technically as a warm up layer over my running crops). I was able to snag a pair of returned Coco Pique Wunder Under Pants. All my local stores are selling out of them and I can't recall if these have been uploaded or not. Most people say they haven't but that Europe recently got them so maybe we will. I recall trying on the Coco Pique WUPs last year and not loving them but these seem very soft and thick this time around. They are very similar to herringbone or the mini check pique in softness and warmth and are fully opaque. They are also great at covering dimples and the print seems elongating, so a winner all the way around. I think they are kind of hot for a workout pant but for casual wear, awesome.

I also wanted to try on the new black striped and white striped swiftly tops. My store had the short sleeve and tanks in. These were soft swiftlys but I didn't think they were super soft like my heathered soot one. One thing I would like you to be aware of is that the fit on these tanks is different from regular swiftly tanks. I thought I spotted it in the photos I posted yesterday but wrote it off to a body-type issue but after trying them on there is definitely a fit difference in the armholes and neckline. You can see in the above photos the neck does not scoop as low and the arm holes hit higher, too. I typically take an 8 in Swiftly tanks and find a 10 Swiftly tank very loose in the chest area which tends to slip down and show my bra as I run but in the Black and White striped tanks I had to size up to a 10. It also fits a lot snugger across the chest. Here are some web model photos to show the differences:

Inkwell Swiftly
The dip on the neck seems about the same in these photos (it was more noticeable when I tried it on) but you can see the armhole is a bit lower - showing more skin in that area - on the Inkwell than the two striped Swiftlys.

It's pretty subtle but the racerback looks a bit longer in the Inkwell than the two striped ones.

Anyway, I ended up going home with the short sleeve Black Striped Swiftly. That one fit the same as all my other SS Swiftlys.

I also tried on the Paris Perfection No Limit Tank and was tempted to take it home since it's very pretty but I just bought the Raspberry NLT and felt that Raspberry suited me better and I could live without the Paris.

The Latest

More Passage Sweater pics.

Black, white, and hot pink - that is my kryptonite color combo. I'd almost get this new Scuba for the pink logo alone.

 The black striped Swiftly. I've read these are the super soft ones.

Phone pocket

Post Chaturange Pullover, new brushed luon Nice Asana Jacket in Angel Wing, White Striped Swiftly, Paris Perfection Cool Racerback

More of the Nice Asana

Coco pique Wunder Under Pants (I have not been able to find a pair to try on yet, grrr) and Deep Zinfandel Gratitude Wrap