Tuesday, December 3, 2013

More of the Latest and the Newest to Hit Europe

More Gratitude Wrap photos. I know a lot of you are puzzled by the GW love. Me, too. I know I ordered one but I'm 99% sure it's going to be returned but I just had to check again to make sure I didn't like it.

 I know I used this same photo earlier but now I want to point out the Paris Perfection Bangbuster and  Aria tank (I think that is a Paris Perfection Aria).

 The black and white striped Swiftlys and the Silver Sweat Once a Day bag.

Wow, the SE Removable hood Scuba is a weird one.

 Lux Ruffle SE Scuba

Paris Hustle left and new Paris Perfection Hustle on the right. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.)

Silver Sweat Once a Day bag and the Black and White Striped Swiftlys.

New items uploaded to the EU site. I bet we'll get these tomorrow night. Check out the pique Vinyasa.

Special Edition Bow Scuba Try On Photos

Velvet on the lulu symbol on the chest

Ribbon and bow on hood

Inside label - "winter 2013"

Bow on one pocket
I finally got to see the Bow SE Scuba today. I wasn't particularly interested in it for the bow aspects but more for the Beautiful Baroque print. I really toyed with getting this today but I felt the print wasn't stand out enough, it's a little too muted in the black and gray and I like my prints a bit more stand out like Laceoflage, Black Snowy Owl, and Alberta Lake Rose Herringbone. Though, if the price gets knocked down a little I might consider it. I took some photos of the details because the ones on the website are way too dark to tell anything.

Post Chaturanga Pullover Photos and Try On

Finally someone flips the collar over instead of wearing it straight up.

Size 10
Size 8
Size 8

Interior fleece on the Ambient Gray PCP

Black Fleece

I was able to try the Post Chaturanga Pullover on today and actually went home with the gray one. It has a roomy fit through the body but the arms are snug. I wore my Don't Hurry Be Happy so I could compare sherpa fleece to sherpa fleece and I definitely think the PCP is made of sherpa fleece - the inside is super soft. I think what may be throwing people off is that the PCP has rather large side panels of ribbed rulu which makes this pullover less weighty than the DHBH. Most of the photos I've seen have the collar styled straight up when zipped all the way, which makes it as comfortable as wearing an upside down lampshade since it's so stiff (and forget about replicating that cute crumpled look the web model has) but I think it's pretty cute when folded over. I ended up sizing down in this for a more fitted look but if you want to layer a thicker top underneath, like a Turn Around LS, or just like the boyfriend-style look then stick with your normal jacket size. I won't have a ton of room to layer something underneath, a thin rulu or swiftly long sleeve at most. I haven't fully figured out what to wear this for yet. Of course, I can always use warm tops for watching my kids play soccer but my plan is to use this more as an extra warm top rather than an outer layer.